British Science Week Competition 2023

British Science Week Competition 2023

Soon we will be taking part in British Science Week and we have lots of fun learning opportunities planned throughout school. The theme this year is 'connections.'

What do you know about connections in science? How are body parts connected? How is the world built on connections? How are all animals connected? How is the solar system connected to the sun?   Is there someone you have connected with who has inspired or helped you? This could be a famous scientist! 

We would like you to design a A4 or A3 poster to show your creative ideas about connections in science. You can use pop up pictures, pull out tabs or use materials such as paint, drawing pencils, crayons and paper on your poster. For inspiration, have a look at some previous winners of the competition: Winners of the 2022 poster competition announced! - British Science Week.

If you hand in your poster to your class teacher by Monday 20th March, I will choose 5 winners from the school to be submitted. Winners of the competition will have the chance of winning an array of prizes.

Good luck!

Miss Harvey