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KS1 Future Stars

In day 1 of Sports Week, Year 1 and Year 2 took part in Future Stars. They completed in lots of multiskills activities to test their throwing, jumping, running, co-oridination and balance. We were so impressed with the teamwork from everyone and how supportive they were of their team mates.

1st place - Great Britain 58 points

Joint 2nd place - China and Brazil 55 points

3rd place - Argentina 54 points

4th place Portugal 53 points



Year 1 have been impressing both Miss Mainprize and Mrs Hallam with their work on money. We spotted different types of coins and even visited the Year 1 shop. 

Martial Arts

Year 1 have been loving their Martial Arts lessons. They have been learning different punches and kicks and even got the chance to use the pads this week to help perfect their skills. 

Old toys

To start our new topic, we played with lots of different toys from the past to try to work out what they were and how to use them. We noticed that most of them were made of wood but were shocked to find that some are still similar to ones we play with today. 

Challenge Me - Balancing

Year 1 took part in the Challenge Me event where they had to try and hold an arabesque balance for 10 seconds on each leg. They then had a go creating their own balances which are very impressive! Well done to everyone who took part. 




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Summer 2 Homework Menu

I have been impressed with how much effort everyone has been putting into their homework over the year. Lets see if everyone can get a certificate this half term; remember you get a bronze award for completing 4 pieces, a silver award for 6 pieces and a gold award for all 8 pieces. The homework menu is attached below. Phonics activities will continue to be set every Friday on Education City. 

Tremendous Toys: Have you got this toy at home?

This half term, our topic is called 'Tremendous Toys: Have you got this toy at home?' where we will be learning all about different toys and how things have changed since our grandparents were little. We have lots of exciting things happening this half term including martial arts, making our own wooden toys, sports day and much much more! For more information about what we will be covering see the attached document. 

Eco School

The Eco warriors have been working really hard this year on the three topics for the Eco schools award.  The topics are Saving Energy, Reducing Waste and Improving the School Grounds.  Due to their hard work we have recieved Eco Schools Bronze and Silver awards!  The certificates are attached below.

We have been extremely busy planting hundreds of trees, sowing wildflower seeds and seed bombs, learning how to save energy, putting up posters about saving energy, litter picking and using the new recycling and compost bins around the school.