Forest School Blog

Fantastic Forest School Week 1 and 2

What a busy time Year 2 have had in forest school!  They have had lots of fun making mini dens, playing beetle tag, bug hunting, safely using tools and making clay animals.  Well done everyone!

Mini dens and blue beetles

Year 5 have been making mini dens and using clay to make creatures to live in their dens.  They also used tools safely to cut the wood and try out some whittling.  Everyone enjoyed playing the closer, closer  hide and seek game and finding the blue alder beetles.

Forest crowns

The reception group had fun today playing 1,2,3 Where are you?, making their beautiful forest crowns and bug hunting. The children found some fantastic hiding places! Well done everyone!

Using our senses

In forest school today Year 1 pretended to be bats and use their sense of hearing to find and catch the 'moths'.  Then they used their sense of touch to explore the trees and find them again after their blindfolds were removed.  All of the children worked well in their teams and helped each other.  The children also used the hammers and leaves to make patterns on cloth which is called Hapazome.  Well done everyone!

Forest School Fun with Year 1

Year 1 had a very busy time in their forest school session.  They have been playing a game that involves searching for wool 'worms', making nests and animal homes.  They have been climbing trees and made a new friend called Slowy the snail!

Fun in the trees.

The children in Reception had a fantastic climbing and hiding in the trees.  They also decorated wood cookies to make spinners and medals for Fathers Day.

Year 1's busy forest school session

Year 1 had a busy afternoon in forest school this week.  They have been bug hunting, playing forest ranger and carrying out a scavenger hunt.  Some children used some of the natural objects that they found on their scavenger hunt to make some art work.  They have also been using their different senses to walk across the log walk while being blindfolded! Well done Year 1.

Forest School Fun

The children in reception had a great time in their forest school session this week.  The made some fairy houses and played 1,2,3 Where are you? They also found lots of natural objects and flowers to decorate their bracelets.  Some children even made crowns and magic wands.

Forest school in the rain

The rain did not dampen the spirits of the children in Year 1.  They have been making super fairy and pixie houses, looking after blue Alder Beetles and balancing on the slack line.  They also enjoyed playing 123 Where are you?.  I was really impressed by their teamworking skills.