Forest School Blog

Den building and campfire donuts

After collecting their own firewood Year 5 designed and cooked delicious campfire donuts on the open fire. Everyone loved them especially the marshmallow and chocolate ones. What shall we cook next?

Fantastic den building and firewood chopping too! Everyone loved finding the extra long branches and climbing the trees. 

Year 5’s busy first Forest School session

Year 5 had a fabulous, busy forest school session this week. They played their favourite game Closer, Closer then did lots of different activities such as den building, making conker necklaces, bug hunting and making some delicious cakes, magic potions and filtering water in the mud kitchen. They all enjoyed relaxing in the hammocks too! Well done everyone. 

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

We found some fantastic natural objects today when we did our Autumn Scavenger Hunt! We finished off the afternoon by making some delicious pizza wraps.

Forest Fun Week 1

Year 1 had a fabulous first Forest School session. We played beetle tag, did some bug hunting and made some fabulous forest crowns.

Fantastic first forest school session with Year 6

What a fabulous forest session we all had. Bug hunting, chilling and having fun in the hammock, playing the forest ranger game and whittling sticks. We found lots of ladybird larvae, violet ground beetles and caught flies! Well done everyone.