Forest School Blog

Volunteers Findel Education.

Thank you to Findel Education for their hard working making our veggie patches. They look amazing. Thank you to our Eco-Leaders too, who spent the day digging and planting. Hopefully we should gets some vegetables through and we can start cooking. 

Super Forest School Fun!

What a busy few weeks we have had in forest school!  Playing Forest Ranger and Closer, Closer, Making friends with leopard slugs, relaxing in the hammocks, making mini fires, safely whittling sticks to make are own skewers to roast marshmallows, making delicious s'mores and celebrating the coronation with tasty cupcakes. Well done everyone. Looking forward to next week! 

Bug Hotels

Year 1 made their bug hotels at home and some children decided to put them into the Forest School area. Great job everyone!

Moving the wood chip

Year 1 had a fabulous time in Forest School moving the wood chip around the young trees. This helps to keep the roots warm which makes the trees grow more easily. It also stops the grass from growing around the trees. 

Wood cookie creations

Today in forest school we have been playing one of the groups favourite games - 1,2,3 Where are you? Then we made spinners and necklaces from wood cookies.