Forest School Blog

Nature Scavenger Hunt and Bug Hunting

This week we went on a super Nature Scavenger Hunt. We had to find different natural objects that were either smooth, tiny or large. We found lots of shiny blue Alder Beetles and so we improved the bug hotel and then we found some tiny snails and ground beetles. 

Super Hapazome and mud fishing

We have been making some fantastic, creative pictures using the Japanese art of Hapazome (leaf bashing). We found some shiny blue Alder beetles eating the Alder leaves then we did some fishing in the mud pond. 

Spider Webs

Todays challenge was to use wool to make a spider web and ask another team to get through the web without touching it!  Everyone had great fun crawling in and out of the webs. 

The story of The Green Man

Today in Forest School we listened to and talked about the story of The Green Man. We learnt about he looks after the plants, trees and wildlife in the forest. Then we looked for faces of The Green Man in the trees and used clay to make our own Green Man faces and figures. 

The RSPB Big Schools’ Bird Watch

In Forest School today we carried out the RSPB Big Schools' Bird Watch. Everyone was very excited about finding different birds and we even found a trail of soft, fluffy white feathers. We played in the hammock and played What's the time Mr Wolf?