Forest School Blog

Leaf ID and being creative with leaves

Year 4 have enjoyed identifying trees using their leaves and using the leaves to make faces, people and animals.  They have also listened to the story of The Green Man and used clay to make faces in the trees.

Fantastic Teamwork

Year 6 have been showing their fantastic listening and teamwork skills by making an obstacle course using loose parts, working as a team to transport a ball from one side of the forest school site to another using drain pipes and playing the 'This is not a stick' game.

Climbing Trees and Clay Faces

Year 4 have been looking for faces in the trees and using clay to design their own tree faces.  Some children even made their own hedgehogs.  They have had fun balancing on the slackline and climbing trees to see the world from a bird's eye view.

Forest School Fun

The children in Reception have had a fun time in forest school playing 1,2,3 where are you, using the guttering to make water slides, balancing on the slackline, making blobsters and leaf bashing.

Musical Instruments

Recption had fun making musical instruments for their orchestra.  They used natural materials that they found amongst the trees.