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Year 5's Victorian visit to George Street Chapel!

Yesterday, Year 5 stepped back in time to the Victorian era when they visited George Street Chapel in Oldham!  Whilst there, they met with real characters from Victorian times who explained about many aspects of the hard life that Victorians were faced with.  In the afternoon, Year 5 enjoyed taking part in some fun and interesting activities including handwriting with ink, playing historical detectives, making peg dolls and completing a challenging jigsaw!  Well done Year 5 - you were amazing!  Mrs Blomeley

New diverse books

We have started to develop our diverse section of books in the KS2 Library and in our KS1 classrooms. We are very excited about the range of books that we have added to our library. These include books, characters and authors from the Black, African and Minority Ethnic community and books which celebrate characters who are neurodiverse. 

Have a look in the KS2 Library for our new books with the brown sticker bands.

Y6 Spanish afternoon at Rayner Stephens

This week Year 6 visited Rayner Stephens High School to take part in a Spanish afternoon. They started leaning vocabulary to use a train station, bank and cafe. After a game of pac-man to practise using the vocabulary, we then went down to the watinig room in the train ticket office. They then used their Spanish phrases to change a travellers cheque, order a train ticket and spend their remaining Euros in the cafe. It was fantástico!

Black History Month

October is Black History Month. At Broadbent Fold we continue to raise awareness of equality and diversity. Check out our year group blogs to see which significant black individual each class has been studying. We are here to learn from the past to make a difference to our present day and our future for everyone. 

"The more you know of your history, the more liberated you are." — Maya Angelou

Marvellous Mirrors

What a fun lesson we've had today experimenting with mirrors! We used mirrors to write secret messages. We also played a game where we had to use mirrors to find out what letter or word our partner wrote and stuck to our back. We investigated if light really travels in straight lines by shining a torch on a mirror and looking where it was reflected on the ceiling. 

Super Science

Year 4 have been researching famous scientist in our computing work. Look at how well they used their Microsoft Word skills to showcase their famous scientist. They are becoming adept at adding a border, changing font, colour and underlying their work. The tricky bit was inserting a picture and they did that with ease. Well done everyone. 

Magnificent Home Learning Projects

Look at some of Year 4's homework projects. They have worked so hard to ensure they replicated a Celtic roundhouse. Some children even went foraging for sticks to make the roof. I was impressed by them all and loved the creativity- especially the baked, clay, miniature and computerised roundhouses. Exceptional work Year 4. 

World Space Week

We are celebrating World Space Week at Broadbent Fold. Look out for our competitions set by our Science Leader Miss Harvey. How do astronauts do their cleaning?   With a vacuum!What's an astronaut's favourite tea?    Gravitea!Where do astronauts train?   At universe-ity!  

Cross Country Grand Prix

Lots of children in KS2 gave up their Saturday morning to represent Broadbent Fold in the first cross country race of the season and we had lots of brilliant results! Well done to everyone!

Year 3/4 Girls

Aubrey 4th, Isla 8th, Chloe 20th, Phoebe 30th, Millie 31st, Ellie 32nd, Evie 33rd, Courtney 36th and Lottie 37th

Year 3/4 Boys

George 2nd and Jacob 5th

Year 5/6 Boys

Sam 7th, Boyd 10th, Xander 11th, Theo 15th, Daniel 16th and Oliver 25th

Broadbent Fold vs St Mary’s

Broadbent Fold's girls football team had a fantastic first match of the season beating St Mary's 1-0. It was the first time a lot of the girls had ever played a football match but they all got stuck in and showed brilliant team work and their football skills really improved throughout the match. The player of the match this game was Kasia for her brilliant goal keeping skills and also for helping lots of the new girls on the team. Well done girls!