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This week's award winners are...

Well done to this weeks Head-Teacher and Good to be Green award winners. Well done Year 2 for your super concentration and efforts this morning in Druhm fitness. Well done to I who has achieved her 5m swimming award! Just keep swimming! Keep up the hard work everyone! 

Druhm Fitness

Today we took part in Druhm fitness where we put our BEAT, RHYTHM and Fitness to the test. We were enhancing our hand-eye-foot coordination, rhythm, timing and proprioception, the awareness and position of our body in space and time. Oh what fun we had! Thank you for organising Miss Mainprize. 

Reception MTP and Home Learning

Here is our medium term plan for this half term plus the home learning grid for anyone wanting to do some additional home learning (this is entirely optional).

We will be reading Jack and the Beanstalk and growing and observing our own bean plants.

Summer 1

Hello Nursery,

I hope you have had a lovely and fun filled holiday and a big welcome to our new families. This half term we are growing our own beanstalks, I wonder who we will find at the top?

Please find attached the Medium Term Plan and Home Learning Grid for anyone wanting to do some additional learning (this is entirely optional).

Mrs Tennant

Super Stars

Congratulations to our stars Evie and Nasir. Evie works hard, she is kind to others and she makes us all laugh every day. You are truly a star Evie. Well done.

Nasir is trying really hard to work more independently in class- keep this up.

Our Good to be Green winners are Faye and Sophia.

Congratulations to our Gold and Bronze winners too!

A huge well done to the whole class for their hard work this week and for coming in earlier for revision sessions! We are very proud of you!

Year 4 Drum Fitness

Year 4 had an amazing drum workshop. Just look at the photographs to prove how much they had to concentrate and how much fun they had. 

Breaking Barriers Performance

This afternoon Year 5 and 6 watched a performance called 'Blindside'. This was a monologue highlighting the sensitive topic of violence against women and girls. Following the performance, we worked in groups to discuss the mature content of the themes explored. The children were respectful and sensible and all discussed how to spot signs of an unhealthy relationship and who they could turn to for help. We are very proud of you all for your mature attitude today. 

Maths Escape Room

Today Year 6 worked in small groups to work through six clues to unlock a 6 digit code in order to leave the room for their lunch. The challenges ranged from problem solving about angles to cracking a code with positive and negative numbers. Our victors were Evie, Matilda, Reiss and Eva who will win a prize.