School Blog

Target Games

Year 1 loved using cricket bats and rackets for the time today in their targets games lesson. They practised hitting the ball at a target before we added fielders in to make it more challenging. Well done everyone!

Disney club

Lots of fun was had at the Disney Shooting Stars club tonight with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We played lots of games focusing on our fundamental movement skills whilst we pretended to be Mufasa, Simba, Nala, Zazu and Scar. We also practised our dribbling skills, throwing and catching. Finally we did a relay in teams to collect cones and then created a picture of Simba with them. Thank you to the Game Changers who helped to deliver the session and also judged the best Simba. 

Strike a pose…

Today in gymnastics we added balances to our sequences as we moved our way across the apparatus. We tried to focus on using different levels and dynamics. Can you spot any back/front support? Can you see a dish or arch balance? Can you spot anyone using a tuck or pike balance?

Careers Week

To begin Careers Week in year 6 we have discussed 8 core skills that are transferable to any industry. These include: problem solving, communication, creativity, proactivity, leadership, teamwork, resillience and adaptability.

We then did some research about different careers to find out which skills that person uses in their day to day life. We also found out some of the qualifications needed. Later in the week we will be creating our own CVs thinking about our own skills and strengths. We also do further research into some unfamiliar careers.

Careers Week

Careers Week takes place this week and in line with our school moto - Learning Today for Tomorrow's World. Pupils will be exploring skills they need for jobs now and in the future.  We have: Greater Manchester Police, Greater Manchester Fire Service, accountant, GB athlete, Sale Sharks rugby player, Engineer, architect, Holy Trinity to name but a few. Thank you to our families who are supporting this week too. We are reviewing our curriculum and ensuring these skills are embedded into learning. Have a look on our blog for our pictures and questions all week. 

Egg Experiment

Well our egg experiment is finally finished and the children have been quite amazed at how orange juice and not coke affected their teeth. They now really understand the importance of dental hygiene and will limit high sugar drinks after seeing how the orange juice visibily decayed the egg. 

Our lovely planter

The planter was kindly donated to school by Stalybridge Women's Institute and Mrs Holt came to visit school to see how the flowers in the planter were developing. Mrs Holt was very happy that the Ecoleaders have been looking after planter so well and have planted new bulbs and bedding plants. The Ecoleaders also showed Mrs Holt our vegetable garden and the crocuses flowers that we had planted in the winter. Mrs Holt showed us a bird's nest that she had found in her garden. 

Gardening Club

In gardening club we have weeded the beds and planted some carrot and lettuce seeds. We were delighted to find that our apple trees and cherry trees are producing flowers. Fingers crossed we will get lots of fruit in the autumn! 

Year 1 and 2 Mini Marathon

Year 1 and 2 have been taking part in the TCS Mini Marathon where they have until the 10th May to try to run 2.6 miles. They have found the first sessions difficult but showed great perseverance and kept moving. They are looking forward to the sessions next week already.