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Spooky settings

Today some of year 6 worked in pairs to focus on creating a story setting full of suspense. They have used figurative language to make their writing full of atmosphere. Can you spot any personification? Can you see similes and metaphors? Can you find any hyperbole or symbolism?

These are all incredible- well done Year 6!

Superstars in Y6

Well done to our superstars Lexi and Nathan who were awarded with the Headteacher's award today in Year 6. 

Lexi is really impressing us in all of her lessons. She is enthusiastic and tries hard every day!

Nathan is becoming a master at using the laptop for his writing. His character description of Skellig was outstanding this week.

Our Good to be Green winners are Amelia and Matilda.

Well done to all of those who have achieved their Gold Award this week too. 

Reading Ambassador Meeting

Thank you to our Reading Ambassadors for attending their meeting with Jo Merrifield from Tameside Libraries this week. They shared their fabulous poetry display which they have created in the KS2 Library. We then looked at genres of text and how we can inspire children to trial reading a new genre. All children can access Ebooks and Audio books for free using their Tameside Library membership card using Borrow Box. Please see eReading - Tameside MBC for more information. 

Mini Marathon

Year 4 are still loving their daily mile to ensure they do a mini marathon by the 10th May. Well done 

Marvellous Merits in Yr4

What a bumper lot of certificates that were issued today. From head teacher's award, silver awards, walk to school and swimming certificate. Fantastic work Year 4. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt and Bug Hunting

This week we went on a super Nature Scavenger Hunt. We had to find different natural objects that were either smooth, tiny or large. We found lots of shiny blue Alder Beetles and so we improved the bug hotel and then we found some tiny snails and ground beetles. 


An experience taking us back to 1941 during WW2, our trip enabled children to see and learn about what life would have been like during the war.

Gas masks, bombs, trying on clothes that would have been through 'make do and mend' were just a few of the hands on experiences that children had today.

Walking through the Air Raid Shelter and seeing for ourselves what  a black out would have felt like was amazing.

In the words of Year 3, "the best trip ever".