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Superhero Live Artwork

We worked as a team to create a city skyline using our cutting skills. We then posed in the pictures in our fantastic superhero outfits to create our live artwork. 

Superhero Day

Year 1 had lots of fun on Superhero Day coming dressed up as their favourite superheroes and villains. Can you guess who we came dressed up as?

We had to save Travelling Ted in a superhero obstacle course and made some superhero live artwork too. 

Autumn 2 Spies Topic Year 5

Autumn Term 2 in Year 5 will be action packed in more ways than one!  Our new topic is 'Can you crack the codes to become a Spy?'  A firm favourite in Year 5, this topic presents some fantastic opportunities for writing!   The children will create interesting character descriptions and mysterious settings, resulting in spine tingling spy narratives!  They will adore Spy Day, with its opportunity to dress up as their very own spy, as well as being able to design and make their own spy gadgets!  Here is the Medium Term plan for this term, together with the Home Learning Challenge Grid.

Unique Talent Talks part 3

Today our Talents Talks concluded with artists, potters, swimmers, dog trainers and many more talents and skills.

Year 6 we have been very impressed with all of your contributions to this. Thank you to those who have shared how they are unique and wonderful. I have really enjoyed finding out more about you all.


Tameside Libraries half term events

During October half term there are many free activities on at Tameside Libraries- please see the images attached for more information. 

Half term activities

We have lots going on for children and families during the upcoming half term.

Autumn 2 in Year 4

I do hope you all have a fabulous October half term holiday, and the children get a break before coming back for our second term in Year 4. This half term will start off with our Science topic of Sound. The children will be finding out about how their ears work, how sound travels and how the telephone was invented and works. We will also be whizzing off around the world.  The children will be learning about the Capital Cities, Greenwich Meridian, the Tropics and the Equator.

The Lost Sheep

We enjoyed listening to a story called The Lost Sheep. Our visitor from Holy Trinity taught us to appreciate each other.

Girls Pokémon Semi Final

Our girls football team had the Pokemon semi final tonight against St Raphael's and Dowson Primary School. They lost 3-0 to St Raphael's and 2-0 to Dowson. The girls showed great team spirit and enthusiasm throughout all of the games, supporting each other and did the school proud. Izzy showed some fantastic goal keeping skills and Reiss was very calm in defence and showed great control in the game. Evie-Mae was our player of the tournament for some brilliant tackles and for really throwing herself into every game. 

Autumn Scavenger Hunt

We found some fantastic natural objects today when we did our Autumn Scavenger Hunt! We finished off the afternoon by making some delicious pizza wraps.

Festivals of light

Year 3 compared the religious festivals that are celebrated during Autumn, they noticed the festivals all involved light.

Diwali the festival of light, Hanakkah and advent.

Which festivals do you celebrate?