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Year 5's Crumble Coding Computer Workshop!

Year 5 were amazing in the Crumble Coding Workshop yesterday!  They followed the instructions perfectly to produce a piece of wearable tech to use in their exploration of the Rainforest!  Year 5's ideas were brilliant, ranging from helping them to see in the dark, to actually attracting Poison Dart Frogs with their self-designed caps, belts or wristbands!  Their behaviour and listening skills were fantastic and we were so impressed!  Thank you to Don and Liz for all your help - we really enjoyed the session!  Mrs Blomeley and Ms Wagstaff.

What A Workshop

Oh wow! The children have been so engrossed in the Crumble Coding Workshop this morning. They have made Sparkles, which were our traffic lights, change colour by linking up Crumble kits and writing algorithms and code to control them. They have been so good at listening and following instructions, that Dom and Liz were impressed. A great morning Year 4, well done. 

Awards in Year 5 w/e 19.1.24

Awards in Year 5 this week were given for fantastic work in Maths, by mastering the concept of finding common denominators in Fractions and for being an amazing helper and friend!  Good to be Green awards were presented for following our school rules of being Ready, Respectful and Safe!  Keep up the great work everyone!  Mrs Blomeley

Hot chocolate and birds nests

In Forest school this week we found lots of ice sculptures, played the icicle game, made some birds nests and warmed up with some delicious hot chocolate.


Well done to these children for receiving a head teachers award, a good to be Green pencil, and Mathletics certificates! 

Year 6 Star of the week

Congratulations to Isobel for being a fabulous role model and friend to all and Theo for his amazing maths work!


Ruby and Amelia won the Good to be Green award!


Well done!

Dodgeball competition

Dodge, dip, duck, dive and dodge! Some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a dodgeball competition with one of our teams coming 4th in their group and the other coming 1st and progressing to the final. Games were played against Yew Tree, St Mary's C.E., Cannon Burrows and Dowson. Well done everyone! You did Broadbent Fold proud!