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Super Stars

Congratulations to our stars Evie and Nasir. Evie works hard, she is kind to others and she makes us all laugh every day. You are truly a star Evie. Well done.

Nasir is trying really hard to work more independently in class- keep this up.

Our Good to be Green winners are Faye and Sophia.

Congratulations to our Gold and Bronze winners too!

A huge well done to the whole class for their hard work this week and for coming in earlier for revision sessions! We are very proud of you!

Breaking Barriers Performance

This afternoon Year 5 and 6 watched a performance called 'Blindside'. This was a monologue highlighting the sensitive topic of violence against women and girls. Following the performance, we worked in groups to discuss the mature content of the themes explored. The children were respectful and sensible and all discussed how to spot signs of an unhealthy relationship and who they could turn to for help. We are very proud of you all for your mature attitude today. 

Maths Escape Room

Today Year 6 worked in small groups to work through six clues to unlock a 6 digit code in order to leave the room for their lunch. The challenges ranged from problem solving about angles to cracking a code with positive and negative numbers. Our victors were Evie, Matilda, Reiss and Eva who will win a prize.

Breaking Barriers Tour

Year 5 and 6 took part in a workshop, exploring how boys and girls can be good allies to each other, to help reduce the levels of harmful behaviours and violence against women and girls in society.

It aims to help level the playing field for boys and girls by showing each other equal respect, and boys calling out harmful behaviour and attitudes. It was very powerful and emotive. 

Well-being Workshop

Year 6 have now had two workshops with our Mental Health Practitioner on wellbeing and exam stress. We have learned different techniques on reducing stress and managing our wellbeing. We talked about how sleep, a balanced diet, exercise and hobbies help us to stay healthy. 

Skellig: is it a bird or mythical creature?

This term our topic question is 'Skellig: is it a bird or mythical creature?' We will read David Almond's 'Skellig' and look at how animals and plants are classified scientifically. We will link this to our geography learning looking at how animals and plants are adapted to live in desert conditions.

Please see the attached overview of our topics this term. Also find the home learning grid for additional activities which can be completed at home. 

Happy Easter

Well done to our year 6 winners Summer and Kade for your Easter creations.

Happy Easter to everyone- eat lots of chocolate and have a relaxing break. 

P4C: is any crime justified?

In P4C today we looked at what may happen when a peaceful protest turns violent. We looked at a fictional story of a group who wanted to save a park from being changed into a shopping centre who had tried to use legal methods to stop the plans. When the group then made a violent attack and set the council offices on fire in protest we discussed if this could be considered justified? We had some really great discussions about this. Our P4C sessions will continue next term.

#LetGirlsPlay competition entries

Well done to all the children who took part in the #letgirlsplay competition set by our Game Changers where they had to design a poster or a girls football kit. There were some fantastic entries. Which one is your favourite?

A big well done to our winners!

Our cracking egg designs

These eggcellent creations have hatched into year 6 today. They are all eggceptional and it will be very difficult to choose our winners.

Well done year 6 for your creativity!