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Cross Country Grand Prix

What a great first week of cross country! Thank you to everyone who gave up their Saturday to come and it was lovely to see some new faces running. We had 5 pupils finishing in the top 10 including George who came 2nd in his race and our Under 11's girls team came 3rd.

Under 9 Boys = George 2nd, Noah 6th, Noah 20th

Under 9 Girls = Chloe 8th, Matilda 39th

Under 11 Boys = Sam 6th

Under 11 Girls = Isabelle 8th, Isobel 16th, Ivy 23rd, Faye 24th, Phoebe 33rd

Fantastic Awards

A fantastic amount of awards for Year 4 today. They've achieved their Summer Reading Challenge awards, Good to be Green pencils, Head teacher awards and Mathletics awards too. Well done Year 4. 

Hanging our new bird feeders

Thank you to the Eco Leaders and their helpers for hanging the new bird feeders in our school grounds. We can't wait to see which feathery friends come for a tasty treat! 

handwriting Winners Autumn 1

Congratulations to our whole school handwriting winners in Autumn 1:

Nursery- Anya

Reception- Connie

Year 1- Esme

Year 2- Daisy

Year 3- Olivia

Year 4- Millie

Year 5- Orson

Year 6 - Evie

What a great start these children have made with their handwriting, presentation and motorskills. Keep it up!

Year 4 Fabulous Winners

What a bumper pack of certificates today for Year 4. We didn't just win the PE trophy but we had a handwriting winner, Mathletics certificates as well as Head teacher awards and Good to be Green pencils. Well done everyone. 


Pupil Leaders worked with Mrs Parker today on our Anti-Bullying Policy. They had excellent ideas of how to prevent this happening in school. They also created support for if it does happen what to do. They said - Don't be a bully, be a buddy! 

Year 4 Diary Entries

Look at how fantastic some of our Year 4 diary writing is. The children didn't just imagine being Roman soldiers, but they wrote in chronological order explaining what they did and how they felt. I was highly impressed by the use of fronted adverbials. Well done everyone. 


The librarians have already started their roles so well. They have made sure the KS1 and KS2 libraries are tidy. They have organised lunch time boxes of reading books for children to read at lunch time. They also run a lunch time Library Club where they read, play games and make book marks.

They are all already wonderful!