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Royal Portraits

Year 4 have worked ever so hard drawing portraits of Henry VIII's wives. They had a short tutorial and practised drawing faces,  ensuring the facial features were evenly spaced. I'm sure you would agree with me, that they are fabulous. 

Imaginative iMotion

Year 4 had a fabulous time experimenting with their first steps into movie making. They used the programme iMotion to capture movement with many random objects and then went onto experiment with writing their name in 100 frames. The children had a fabulous time learning new skills. 

Year 3 and 4 Futsal competition

Our Year 3 and 4 girls were very excited to take part in the futsal competition last week. They played games against Manchester Road, Yew Tree, Oakfield and Greenside. A special well done to Matilda and Chloe who got medals for being players of the tournament. The girls loved taking part and were all keen to play some more futsal in the future. Also a big thank you to all the families that came down to support and for making a big sign to cheer on the girls. 

Sean Perkins visit

We met author and illustrator Sean Perkins today who read us his book 'Ben and Oscar birthday party' 

He was very creative and used sound effects to narrate his story. We even enjoyed a sing song with his guitar to finish.

Please remember that you can order one or both of his signed books. Bring in your slip and money next week.

Disgusting Digestion

Year 4 were aghast today at the first lesson about digestion. I don't think they could believe their ears or eyes when we started talking about eating, digesting and excreting food. They were quite grossed out by the videos of digested and excreted food but used this knowledge when it came to labelling up the digestive system in lots of different ways. Fantastic work Year 4. 

Relaxation in Year 4

A lovely yoga session was had by Year 4 today. They practiced stretching, meditation, transferring energy and several different poses-mountain, moon, clouds, butterfly, happy baby and the aeroplane.  A really good try Year 4. 

Terrible Tudors

Year 4 have a fantastic afternoon researching the Terrible Tudors. They have been aghast at how many people were beheaded, how many wives, Henry VIII had and how many rebellions there were. What a great start to the new topic. 

House Team Winners

A huge congratulations to Team Sapphire, who have won the House Cup and will recieve non-uniform day on Friday 23rd February. The team scored a huge 853 points! Well done. 

Y4 Spring Term 2

I do hope you've all had a fabulous February half term holiday, and the children are raring for the new term in Year 4. This half term starts off with our Tudors Topic. The children will be inspired by our Diver's Daughter class text and finding out about the royal family in the Tudor times.  This learning will be enhanced by our science topic of Digestion and Teeth, which links nicely to our DT project, where we will be making Tudor pottage.  Inspiring, home learning projects of making a Tudor building will really put their creative mind to the test as well.