Pupil Leadership Team Blog

Pupil Leaders meet Governors

Today our pupil leaders met our Chair and Vice Chair of Governors. They discussed current themes in school, shared the policies they have been working on and asked our governors some questions. We are planning a question and answer session in the next few months. 

Safer Internet and Mental Health Week

Safer Internet Day 2023 will take place on the 7th of February 2023, with celebrations and learning based around the theme ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’. We are also linking this with Mental Health Week - as they go hand in hand. I am asking our pupils to design a poster about life online, which links the themes. All entries are to be sent to Mrs Parker by 10th February. Pupil Leaders will help me to decide the winners. 

Pupil Voice!

The Pupil Leaders met for the first time this year to analyse the results of the recent Pupil Questionnaire!  The results were impressive and all of the Pupil Leaders agreed that Broadbent Fold really is a safe, welcoming and inclusive school.  The group are continuing to improve the results by speaking to their own classes.  Mrs Blomeley


Anti-Bullying Week 2022

The theme for this week is Reach Out. This theme empowers the community to do something positive to counter the harm and hurt that bullying causes. We have also completed our Speak Out Stay Safe Assemblies with the NSPCC, which generated lots of discussion about abuse - It is not okay! Well done Broadbent Fold. 

Pupil Leaders and Safeguarding!

Another important task for the Pupil Leaders!  They met with Mrs Parker to discuss some key questions about Safeguarding in school.   The team's responses were impressive and sensible - it is clear that the children understand the importance of Safeguarding at Broadbent Fold.  The Pupil Leaders talked about the various lessons they take part in to learn how to be safe, such as online safety, anti-bullying, Bikeability and PSHE sessions, as well as the steps that all staff take to keep everyone safe.  This will be followed up in class when the Pupil Leaders will ask their peers for feedback.

Busy Pupil Leaders!

Our Pupil Leadership team have been extremely busy lately with importants tasks for their classes.  Firstly, they met to go through all of the reward suggestions for the weekly winners of  House Team star points.  There were a lot of suggestions from each class!  They also had to choose from the ideas for termly winners.  A movie afternoon was very popular for that!  Their next task was to choose the winners of the Space Poem competition!  Miss Harvey received so many entries from each class so this was a difficult task.  They finally decided on the winners who have now been announced!  Wel

Reading for all!

Pupil Leaders met with the Reading Ambassadors and Mrs Parker this week to discuss our school's amazing success in reading.  She found out how much children enjoy their teachers reading to them and how they use their reading areas.  They also discussed how the children choose to read a whole range of genres, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry!   They all agreed how important reading is, whether it be to learn new things, or simply just for pleasure.  Mrs Blomeley

Pupil Voice - House Team prizes!

The Pupil Leadership team met this week to discuss prizes for the House team winners!  Our new system means that any star points children earn will be added to their group - Amber, Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald - whilst also still counting towards receiving a Bronze, Silver or Gold award.  This is encouraging a great team effort!  The Pupil Leaders shared this request with their classes and asked them to return the idea sheet by next Wednesday!  The Pupil Leaders will then share their ideas and pass on their favourites to Mrs Parker!  

New Pupil Leaders

Our new Pupil Leadership has been voted for by each class. Our leaders are essential in supporting Mrs Parker with school developments. They met today to discuss our Anti-bullying policy and made some valuable contributions.  

Our Roof is Complete.

Mr Daniel Parker the Executive at Crescent Roofing came today in assembly to share photos of the whole process. This was fascinating for our pupils and inspired a couple to want to be a roofer! We were also lucky to get drone footage of the school, which the pupils loved. Let's hope that it will last us, so we no longer need any more pots of pans! Our Pupil Leaders had some great questions, which Daniel answered and gave us more detail of the whole process. Well done to our leaders, you always make me proud.