Year 4

Welcome to Year 4 with Mrs Higham- What a full fun packed year we have ahead!

Our topic for the first Autumn Term is: How did the Romans change Britain?  Here the children will be immersing themselves into the very life of the invading Romans, taking on soldier duties and coming up against the barbaric Celts. They will learn about how Britain changed because of the Roman invasion and what evidence there still is today. 

Year 4 children have many new and exciting skills to learn this year as we have swimming sessions every Thursday and have Music tuition from Tameside Music Services on Mondays, where the children will be learning how to play the Penny Whistle. Furthermore, we are continuing our MFL lessons in Polish with Miss Laitl!

Our aim is for all children to read for pleasure.  We are looking forward to working in partnership with you to endorse this value by encouraging your child to read with you, or to you, at home daily. 

Look out for our class blogs for regular snapshots of our activities and learning opportunities.

Mrs Higham

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