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Lost Keys!

We received a poster for some missing keys and so we went exploring the school grounds to see if we could find them.  The keys were described as large, old and rusty.  After searching everywhere we eventually found some very large, rusty, old keys on the Key Stage 2 playground.  We think the keys might belong to pirates so we have written them a letter to find out!

Fruit tasting in Year 1

Today we have been tasting lots of different fruit. We tried oranges, pineapple, blueberries, raspberries, grapefruit, melon and lots more.

 The children used adjectives to describe what they thought the fruit would taste like. The most popular fruit was grapes. The children had

a fantastic session and couldn't wait to eat more.

Money, money, money

The children have been learning about the different coins and notes. We have been ordering coins, adding coins together and solving lots of money problems.

Can your child name the coins?

Oliver's Vegetables

We have been reading the story of Oliver's Vegetables. We have ordered pictures form the story, we have described the different vegetables using adjectives and we have painted the charcters from the story.

The children have also wrote their own stories about Oliver's Vegetables.

We love this story and hope you do to!

Our new topic is "Food Glorious Food"

During this half term we will be learning all about ....

Where food comes from

Foods around the world

Healthy and unhealthy food

Our favourite foods

We will also be focusing on the story of Oliver's Vegetables.

We will be very busy during the half term. Keep watching our blog to see what we get up to.

Love Year 1

The Amazing Amazon

We have started our spring term with the theme The Amazing Amazon. The children are so enthused to learn about the rainforest and have researched rainforest plants, animals and have begun looking at the Yanomami tribe.  They are also very excited to be learning some salsa dance moves in the next few weeks.

Christmas Fun

We have been busy getting ready for Christmas. We had lots of fun at our party and loved our visit from Father Christmas! Thank you Mr Andrews for donating the cakes for our party. The children loved them!

Marvellous Magic

What a fantastic Magic Show the children put on for their parents and carers today! With gasps of surprise, many magic tricks and cheers all round- the children, regardless of feeling nervous, put on a brilliant show. Well done Year 4!

Maths Week

We thoroughly enjoyed maths week.  Dave Godfrey was fantastic, we loved his new maths songs and cannot wait for the book to be out!