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Boyd made his own bird feeder

This is Boyd's science work that he has completed at home. Read it carefully and you could make your own bird feeders.

We like the labelled diagram of his bird feeder.

Science at home by Xander

Xander has learnt that special tubes transport water up the roots or stem of the plant to the leaves and flowers.

He did an experiment to prove this. Take a look at his pictures and read his explanation.


Ancient Greeks Museum by Year 3

Who were the Ancient Greeks?

What was it like to life in the Ancient Greek times?

Year 3 have been learning at home about life in the Ancient Greeks, children have made some amazing models for our virtual museum (see photos and children's work above).

Greek vases, mazes and even a Helmet. Children have also been busy doing lots of writing and typing about what they have learnt (see below for the attachment).

Whole School Reading at Home Competition

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr Seuss

Please send in photographs of your child reading in different places at home - only send in a photograph if you are happy for it to be shared on the school website. 

Can you read in the garden?

Can you read in a home-made den?

Can you read to a pet?

I will have a look at the photographs sent in and choose the most unusual/creative reader to win a prize through the post. 

Let's Ride Local

Let's Ride Local is a website that provides ideas and inspiration to help keep everyone motivated and safe whilst cycling in your local area. It has pointers for helping to teach your children to ride their bike, suggestions of cycling routes, Spring bike ride bingo, window posters and a competition to design and win your own dream jersey. For more information click on the link:

Henry's Fantastic Marathon

Henry ran a staggering 26 miles in 10 days, running  2.6 miles everyday  to raise money for Willow Wood and raised a brilliant £1415.20. Have a read of his brilliant diary. We're so impressed and you should be very proud of your achievements Henry. Well done from everyone at Broadbent Fold. 



VE Day Art Challenge


This week, we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day.  As a part of the celebration complete our VE Day Art Challenge. To find out more click on read more.