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VE Day Celebration!

We have sadly come to the end of a fun filled year and what a busy year it has been! We have made multiple journey's including Flying High, A Night on Bare Mountain,The Amazon Rainforest, The Stone Age, Canada and World War Two. Thank you to all parents and careers for all your continued support this year and I hope you have a relaxing and safe summer half term. Good luck to all the children moving into Year 4.

National Sports Week 26th June 2017

This week, the children have been busy taking part in our National School Sports week. This year, we have focused on 'getting active' and learnng about 'leading an active and healthy lifestyle'.

The children have participated in a variety of activities including:*The Daily Mile*Yoga*Bench ball or Dodge ball*Cross Country*Aerobics*Zumba and more.

Final term in Year 3!

Welcome back to our final term in Year 3, we hope you have had a lovely half term! This half term, we are exploring World War 2 and what it was like to be an evacuee. In English, we have begun looking at a diary entry by Anne Frank and exploring some fantastic vocabulary linked to WW2. During this half term, will be writing our own diary in the role of an evacuee, creating persuasive posters and learning about evacuation. In topic, we have begun researching about how and why the war started and making our own gas masks.

Egyptain creative week

This week, we have travelled back in time to Ancient Egypt. We have been exploring what life was like to be an Ancient Egyptian through looking at artefacts and research. We have used atlases to locate Egypt and its major cities and learnt about Egyptian culture. We have also been  learning about the River Nile and how it was important to the Ancient Egyptians, exploring mummification and getting creative making our very own Usekh (collar/necklace). In Maths, we have been adding and subtracting in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and exploring different 3D pyramids.


This half term, we are exploring Canada. We have been researching different animals, exploring landmarks and cities within Canada. We have been reading about Canada Day and writing are own sports commentaries. In Artis, we are learning, singing and writing world cup songs. Some of the children have brought in real pictures and souvenier of places in Canada because they have or know someone who lives there. This has been really helpful because it has taught us lot's of interesting facts. By Hollie and Issac

Family of School's Conference

Year 3 had a fantastic day performing at the Family of School's conference at the AJ Bell Stadium in Salford in front of lot's of teachers, head teachers and deputy head teachers. The children did a brilliant job at remembering all of their actions and song lyrics! Well Done!


Today in P.E we did Yoga. We did a shark activity where sharks had to catch us before we got to a mat and stood in our tree position. We also lay down in silence with our eyes closed and listened to a story about a Ladybird. The ladybird sometimes landed on your body, it was very relaxing. I really liked the shark game because it was really fun and active. We enjoy team games!By Leeson and Ava (Year 3)

Flying back in time to The Stone Age

We have been very busy this week creating our own Stone Age cave and Stonehenge paintings!  For this, we researched actual paintings found in caves and chose our favorite designs.  Using our designs, we painted our cave art on to our rough surface using a variety of Stone Age methods!  Some of us used our fingers, whilst some of us used a thin stick brush.  We think our artwork is amazing!

The Amazing Amazon

This half term, we are exploring the Amazing Amazon Rainforest. We have started the term by decorating our classroom with leaves, tree vines and Amazon animals bringing the jungle to Year 3's classroom. In English, we have researched Amazon animals and explored and wrote our own poems in the style of Paul Hess. We have begun reading and exploring 'How the Crocodile got his bumpy back', and How the Rhinoceros got his skin'. Next week, we will begin planning and writing our own 'How the' stories.

Coming towards the end of 2016...

What a jam packed half term! We have been very busy this half term writing our own spooky stories, learning how to use speech marks and researching and creating a fact file about Modest Mussorgsky. We have been practising our typing skills and using a variety of punctuation in our writing. In Topic, we have been using atlas's to locate mountains, exploring with paint and creating mood art to a night on bare mountain. In Maths have been learning our division and multiplication facts for our 3, 4 and 8 times table and using rulers and scales to explore different types of measure.