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Heidi's Story

After watching a film, Heidi decided to write her own story. Can you guess which film she watched?

Cick on read  more to see and download it. 

Who else can write a story?

Daniel's home learning

Daniel is keeping healthy by boxing at home!

He is enjoying his home learning especially blowing up his volcano. We are delighted by the amount of effort he has put into his work.

Year 3 are learning so much about volcanoes.

Challenge: Can you find where in the world volcanoes are?

Henry's challenge!

An update on Henry's 2.6 challenge! 

He is currently on Day 5 out of 10, each day running 2.6 miles in aid of Willow Wood so at the end he will have completed a marathon!  We are so proud to be able to say that so far he has raised £600!  

The reporter also ran this lovely piece on his fundraising, here in the link:


Xander's Home School Learning

Xander and his family have made salt dough and made family handprints, what a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing this with us Xander.Can you work out who the tiny print belongs to?

Xander has been very busy, we can see he has done lots of maths, writing and presented his work in  a volcano shape- this looks great, it is wonderful to see Xander taking care and presenting his work neatly.

Y3 Home School Learning 27th April 2020

We have attached home school learning for week beginning 27th April. The theme is Ancient Greeks and we are hoping to see lots of Groovy Greek work shared with us so that we can add the work to our blog.

Thank you for all those children who are regulary completing their online homework.We will continue to update: Mymaths, education city and Bug club.

Remember to take care of each other and keep safe.

Mrs Slate & Ms McCoy