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Well done!

Congratulations to our stars of the week! These children received Headteacher's Awards and Good to be green pencils. They have worked really hard and followed our school rules. Keep up the good work!

Whole school handwriting winners

Well done to our Broadbent Fold handwriting champions who have already impressed their teachers with their wonderful handwriting and presentation or for a great improvement in their handwriting.

Our winners include Nursery- Isabella, Reception- Mason, Year 2- Toby, Year 4- Isobel, Year 5- Thomas, Year 6- Ethan.

All of their fantastic work is on display on our amazing writing board. 

Whole School Poetry Competition

Next week is National Poetry Day on Thursday 7th October.

In school all classes from Y1-Y6 will be perform a poem to the school in assembly.

We would also like children to take part in a competition at home: please make up a poem about space as we celebrate space week on 11th October. 

Your poem could rhyme, it could be in an interesting shape, it could be acrostic. Any idea as long as it is about space!

Please bring in your poem to school and hand it in to your teachers by Friday 8th October if you would like to be entered into the competition.

Welcoming our Muslim visitor

Imran, a Muslim teacher visitor came to our school and taught our class all about Muslim's pilgrimage to Mecca- Hajj.

Children listened ever so well and Imran commented on how polite and well behaved they were, as well as respectful.

Afterwards children asked lots of questions about each stage of the journey. They then wrote what they'd learnt, see photos of their work.

Marvellous Mirrors

We had lots of fun learning about reflection and investigating mirrors today. First we found out how mirrors are made and how they work. Then we played a game where our partner pretented to be a mirror and copied our actions. We also wrote our names and used mirrors to create their mirror reflection. 

Testing Reflective Materials

In our Science lesson on Monday we conducted an experiment to test which materials reflect light best. We noticed that smooth, shiny surfaces such as polished metals and mirrors reflect light well. 

Friday Awards

Well done to our Year 3 children who received the Headteacher's Awards for fantastic work and behaviour as well as Good to Be Green recognition. Thank you for your hard work this week. 

Polish Day

Polish day, Year 3 learnt facts about Poland and wrote them in a fact file. They enjoyed singing baby Shark in Polish and learning new words. 

Miss Laitl even brought some polish food for everyone to try- delicious.

Year 3 children have said they'd like to go on holiday to Poland.

Stars of the week

Congratulations to Year 3 children who received Headteacher's Award, Good to Be Green Prizes and a Sports Person of the week. Well done!

Year 5 Freddie Fit Ambassadors!

Year 5 were amazing ambassadors for Freddie Fit's Circuit Training this week!  They spent two intense sessions training on Tuesday and then worked with Year 2 and Year 3 children on Wednesday as Learning Leaders.  They showed great maturity and skill when they demonstrated the activities to the younger children who worked so hard.  What brilliant role models Year 5 are!  We are very proud of you all!  Mrs Blomeley