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A Visit from a Dragon!

Today, a dragon paid us a visit!  Thank goodness it wasn't a fire breathing dragon or else we may have needed St George!  It was Aliesha Marshall's Bearded Dragon!  Aliesha's mum kindly brought 'Winston' in to show us and Aliesha told us all some fabulous facts about him.  We learnt that he eats locusts, meal worms and lettuce, but not ice berg lettuce because this makes him poorly.  He sleeps in a vivarium which is like a very warm fish tank (without the water) and he has two holes either side of his head which are his ears!  If he becomes angry or frightened he puffs himself up and stciks

The Savage Stone Age!

Welcome to The Savage Stone Age!


We have been very busy this week creating our own Stone Age cave paintings!  For this we created a rough surface using sand and glue.  We then researched actual paintings found in caves and chose our favourite designs.  Using our designs we painted our cave art on to our rough surface using a variety of Stone Age methods!  Some of us used our fingers, whilst some of us used a thin stick brush.  We think our artwork is amazing!

The Amazing Amazon

This term we are travelling to the dense, humid jungles of the Amazon Rainforest. The children have written fantastic rainforest animal poems following the pattern of poet, Paul Hess. We have investigated the confict between the logging industry and tribal homelands and the children have written persuasive letters to protest. We will be creating tribal head dresses and rainforest music during the rest of the term. 

BBC's Ten Pieces

This half term we have explored some fantastic classical pieces of music through BBC's Ten Pieces project. We selected as a class 'A Night On Bare Mountain' composed by Modest Mussorgsky. From this we have created spooky stories using the music to provoke different emotions into our writing.

                 "This morning we read our spooky stories to Year 1 and 2. I felt nervous but I read it anyway and they really enjoyed it." -Michael


Some examples of the children's writing: 

RE and Water Creative Week

We have had an amazing time so far this week!  We have been learning all about the relevance of water within Religion.  We have discussed the stories in the Old Testament of Noah's Ark, Jonah and the Whale and Moses as a baby in a basket! We have also enjoyed comparing what we know about  Christianity to other religions such as Islam and Hinduism.  Reverend Julie from Mossley Methodist Circuit came and shared some Bible stories in class and we were able to ask her lots of questions.

Wonderful Woodlands Week

Last week was our Creative Woodlands Week! Our class had so much fun, from willow weaving, to tree surveying, to Forest schools and culminating in a whole school visit to Lyme Park.  At Lyme Park, we enjoyed scavenger hunting and den building!  We also think we have cleared the whole park of conkers having filled our pockets completely!

Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3. Miss Austin and the children have been flying high from September...I wonder what countries they will visit?

Welcome to Year 3 Mrs Austin's Class

This half term, our topic is 'Flying High'. So far, we have received a mystery letter by 'balloon air', written letters back to our pen pal from the Arctic and begun to make our own hot air balloon models in DT! Next, we are planning our own balloon trip (imaginary, unfortunately!) and writing descriptions of the places we will visit. We have also begun to learn how to become Chess Grand Masters. Each Tuesday Mr Hardy visits the class to teach Chess in order to develop thinking and strategy skills.

Autumn Term 2

Welcome to Roman Britain! In our Autumn term 2 Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed finding out about Roman battles and regalia and how Britain was invaded by the Rotten Romans! Look at our mosaics and Roman myth stories for fabulous examples of the children's work.