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Children really enjoyed taking part in Athletic activities including throwing the javelin, sprinting and hurdles.

We can see future Olympic stars in the children of Broadbent Fold.

The Olympics

Year 3 have learnt about how The Olympics more than likely started during The Ancient Greek times. The games were different the winners won a wreath. How amazing that the Olympic games still continues today.

We learnt about the modern day Olympics and designed Olymppic torches.

Year 3 balance challenge

Year 3 enjoyed participating in the 'balance challenge' they said it was much harder than they thought!

How long can you balance for? We tried to balance for 3 minutes.

Salt and Sugar Detectives

As a part of our science topic we have been learning about nutrition and importance of a healthy diet. Today we found out what is a recommended amount of salt and sugar a day and that there is sugar and salt hiding in our favourite drinks and snacks. We also investigated, by looking at the labelts, how much sugar and salt is in our food. 

Who are the Ancient Greeks?

A Groovy Greek way to start the term, children learnt about Greek art by looking at vases, they sketched and designed their own vases.

Using clay they made their own pots just like the Ancient Greek people would have done.

Using kiddle is a fabulous child safe way to learn about history online.


Our assembly with Gary from Holy Trinity Church

In our class bubbles we welcomed Gary from Holy Trinity Church. He enthusiastically spoke about how Bible stories link to being together and how important our family and friends are. We can all be good friends. This assembly gave us time to reflect on what we are grateful for. 

We look forward to welcoming Gary into our school for future assemblies. 

Greek Feast

What a yummy way to start our Ancient Greece topic. We tasted some traditional Greek food including feta cheese, olives, pita bread with tzatziki, figs and Greek yoghurt with honey. 

Eco School

The Eco warriors have been working really hard this year on the three topics for the Eco schools award.  The topics are Saving Energy, Reducing Waste and Improving the School Grounds.  Due to their hard work we have recieved Eco Schools Bronze and Silver awards!  The certificates are attached below.

We have been extremely busy planting hundreds of trees, sowing wildflower seeds and seed bombs, learning how to save energy, putting up posters about saving energy, litter picking and using the new recycling and compost bins around the school.

Tree spotters!

As part of Year 3's outdoor learning children explored the great outside and looked closely at trees and leaves. On our school field we have hornbeam and silver birch trees. We used iPads to photograph trees and leaves. In class we sketched leaves and trees.

We hope our school will be tree champions. 

Which trees can you identify?


Perfect Pyjama Day

Year 3 had a brilliant day supporting Pyjamarama fundraising campaign! We shared our favourite stories with our friends and played Who Am I game where we had to ask questions and guess book character's name.