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Sport Relief

The whole school participated in a whole day Zumbathon. Both the children and staff had a fantastic time. We will update the final amount raised soon! :)

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Blogging at Broadbent Fold

We are now blogging at our school!

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The choir made a special trip to  the  M.E.N arena monday the 3rd febuary to join in young voices 2014.

The choir had an amazing time singing and joining in with the differnt dance moves. The special guest was Stacey Solomen it was a lots of fun singing a long with her.



This week is creative week the theme was fairy tales. The role play area was the courtroom, we had to defend the three little pigs who were on trial.

Hello Parents. This is a report from the Ict Club about some of the apps we are using to support our learning at Broadbent fold.

George & Sam  IXL the app. Is a app about maths you can do lots of things on. There are numerous Year Groups covered by this app; it's up to R-11 with lots of different maths subjects.   Each year group has harded levels on and different types of questions so it will be useful for practicing on at home aswell as at home.

Aaron & Anna  We looked at the IEducation app.  It was a bit hard to use at first, but if you are looking for anythingat all to do with Grammar and Punctuation, you can practice just about every skill.  You can revise on the app before testing your skills. 

Samuel, Alex and Ben  The app I looked at is called Times Tables.  It helps you to practice your timestables and helps you to memorise any that you get wrong the first time.  Some of them were hard but we still found it really fun.

Parents, some of these apps would be great on your Ipads at home too!!!

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