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     WEDNESDAY 2nd September 2015

  • From September 2015 a new inspection framework to inspecting schools will be adopted.Please click on the link for more information.

  • The amazing success of healthy lifestyles week will be showcased at the Key Stage 1 and 2 sport's events on Wednesday. All parents are welcome!

  • Well done Broadbent Fold for all your efforts in raising money this term. After the fantastic success of the Frozen sing along evening where we raising £353.78. £592.45 at the school fair and £231.01 for our Camo day.

Welcome to Broadbent Fold Primary School and Nursery

Broadbent Fold

Broadbent Fold Primary and Nursery School is an exciting, stimulating and inclusive place to work and learn. The children are central to every decision and opportunity we offer and they play a major role in designing our curriculum. Working in partnership with parents and other outside agencies to ensure the best possible support and outcomes for children is Broadbent Fold’s number one priority. The creative curriculum designed at Broadbent Fold develops skills, empathy, experiences and creative problem solving for both children and staff. This encourages everyone to continue along their learning pathway and appreciate the role each one of us plays in the world.

We are a happy and active school who place a very high value on high standards and excellent behaviour. We want our children to be happy and enjoy their learning in an environment that caters for all and respects others. We place a great deal of value on the children enjoying education, so, trips, visitors, exciting lessons and activities will be common place. I know the children will thoroughly enjoy the journey! I hope that as a parent at Broadbent Fold you find the experience a fulfilling one and you feel involved in the process of your child’s education. There is nothing more important than our children.

We work together to ensure children get the best and leave Broadbent Fold as well rounded successful citizens of the future. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Ms Thornton Jones  Head Teacher