School Blog

Challenge Me Skipping Event

On Monday, the whole school participated in a challenge me skipping event to help improve our stamina. EYFS pupils had to jump for 2 minutes, KS1 pupils had to skip for 4 minutes and KS2 pupils had to skip for 6 minutes. 

Maths Array Cities

Year 3 made Array Cities using their multiplication knowledge for example 5 X 7 would be a tower block with 5 windows wide and 7 high.

5 X 7 which equals 35 so 35 windows on the tower block.

Their cities look great and can be used to teach others about multiplying.

Maths Week

Year 6 enjoyed taking part in our 'Maths in the workplace' themed week. We created geometric patterns as part of our ongoing RE work. This was displayed in a presentation in the hall with other examples from the rest of the school. We had parent visitors in during the week sharing how they use maths in their careers. We have focused on budgeting skills thinking about how we can get the best deals as a business person. 

Birdman experience

On Tuesday 5th November we had a visit from the 'Birdman' Alan Ames. He brought in some amazing birds of prey and told us lots of interesting facts about how each one has adapted to be the perfect predator. 

Challenge Me

Year 3 were amazing at the 6 minute Challenge Me skipping activity. I was highly impressed by their perseverence. 

Pupil Questionnaires

Our pupils have completed their own questionnaire about life at Broadbent Fold. Please see the pupil section of the website, for the full details. The results are very positive and show that pupils are happy and feel safe. The two areas of focus for us are:

  • Ensuring they feel challenged.
  • That behaviour of other pupils improves. 

I am meeting with our pupil leadership team to discuss these issues and look at developments with pupil support. I shall keep you all informed. 

MATHS WEEK ENGLAND! Maths in the Workplace!

Year 4 welcomed another visitor to the classroom last week to talk about Maths in the Workplace!  The children enjoyed Mr Kay's presentation which highlighted all of the different ways he uses Maths in his job, and how important it isto learn Maths in school.  Many of the children had discussed Maths in the Workplace with their families and they confidently shared their knowledge with their peers.  They highlighted how Maths is important to a wide range of jobs such as electricians, policemen, teachers, podiatrists and farriers!  Thank you everyone!  Mrs Blomeley

Football Champions

Thank you to our year 6 football stars! We attended an event today at the Etihad and we truly displayed huge amounts of passion and teamwork. I was bursting with pride. Well done to you all and especially to Captain Riley, your leadership skills shone through!