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Stars of the week

Congratulations to Year 3 children who received Headteacher's Award, Good to Be Green Prizes and a Sports Person of the week. Well done!

Well done!

Well done to the children who received our Head Teachers award and Good to be Green awards this week! Keep up the hard work everybody! 

Learning so far....

Year 1 have been working so hard since we came back from the Summer holidays. Look at all the exciting things we have been doing.

Year 5 Freddie Fit Ambassadors!

Year 5 were amazing ambassadors for Freddie Fit's Circuit Training this week!  They spent two intense sessions training on Tuesday and then worked with Year 2 and Year 3 children on Wednesday as Learning Leaders.  They showed great maturity and skill when they demonstrated the activities to the younger children who worked so hard.  What brilliant role models Year 5 are!  We are very proud of you all!  Mrs Blomeley

Victorian Playground Games in Year 5!

Year 5 enjoyed playing some of the playground games from the Victorian times!  These included Hopscotch, skipping and football, as well as doing the actions to Ring a Ring a Roses and Oranges and Lemons, which was great fun!  Mrs Blomeley

Reception Challenge Grid

Attached is a challenge/home learning grid packed with ideas and activities for anybody at home self isolating or anyone who wants to do some extra learning.  All activities are linked to our topic  - Autumn and the Little Red Hen.

Mrs Kleban

Freddie Fit

Today Freddie Fit visited us and we did lots of different exercises. Year 5 leaders showed us what to do on each station and helped us move around the ‘circuit for life’.

Freddie fit

Freddie fit visited our school, Year 5 children learnt to show Year 3 children how to complete 'circuit for life' exercises. 

Year 3 Dance

Children in Year 3 have been learning to design and perform their own dance with a city theme.

Can you recognise the actions based on city life?