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Teleporter man

We've been doing some songwriting in Year 2! Based on our topic of superheroes we made a superhero song. We all came up with lots of different ideas and words that rhyme then wrote a song all about 'Teleporter Man'. We even performed the song outside on the field to Year 1 who were very impressed. 

Fossil Making

As an exciting way of finishing off our topic of 'Think Big' we decided to make our own fossils. The children mixed the saltdough ingredients before kneeding their dough to the perfect consistency. The children then used a range of different dinosaurs to imprint onto their dough before we baked them in the oven to create our own fossils! It was great to hear the children using all of the new vocabulary they have learnt this half term as they completed the topic. Well done for all of your hard work during Summer 1 Year 1! 

Creating superheroes

In Year 2 we've been exploring our topic superheroes out in the sunshine! We got into groups and found what we could to create our own superhero, deciding what power they would have and what they would be called. Back in the classroom we used this as inspiration to write a description of our superhero in our writing books.

Fossil Preparation

Our topic for this half term is 'Think Big' and we have been learning all about dinosaurs. Whilst researching about dinosaurs, we came across a lady called Mary Anning. We have learnt all about Mary and how she is a famous fossil hunter who lived over 200 years ago. We decided that we wanted to have a go at being paleontologists so we used cookies to practise preparing fossils! We used different tools such as glue spreaders, lollipop sticks and paint brushes to chip the biscuit away from the chocolate chips.

A trip to Bury Fire Safety Centre

We had such a wonderful time visiting the Greater Manchester Training and Safety Centre in Bury. In class we have been learning all about superheroes and firefighters are real life superheroes who put their lives at risk to help us every day.


Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed learning about mini-beasts, they learnt that mini-beasts don't have any bones. They learnt what mini-beasts eat and even the colour of their poo!!

They looked at a giant African snail called Miss Honey, a spider called Sprinderella who had 8 legs and 8 eyes.

Who can remember which animal was called Mr Tickle? 

Superhero potions

This term our topic in Year 2 is Superheroes! We are learning about real life superheroes like Florence Nightingale as well as nurses, firefighters, doctors and people who make a difference today.