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Skipping Day

All the children from Nursery through to Year 6 had the pleasure of Anthony the Skipping Coach showing us how to skip properly. What was an amazing day concluded with an assembly and the school has also purchased class size packs of skipping ropes so we can continue to be active and master our skipping skills. 

Punch and Judy

In Year 2 this week we've been learning about Punch and Judy. This used to be a traditional seaside entertainment. We got into groups and performed our own versions to the rest of the class. Then the next day we wrote out our own scripts in our English books.

Sports Week !

The week started with a skipping session delivered by Anthony!  By the end of the day, amazingly, some children, who couldn't skip before, became confident skippers!  Throughout the week, other sporting activities took place, such as doing the Daily Mile, Short Stop Rounders,  a variety of different Obstacle Courses (thanks to Year 6) and an awesome Karate assembly!  The glorious weather meant we could use the school field too.  A tiring but very enjoyable week for everyone.  Mrs Blomeley

Year 4's Electricity Challenge - Can you light a bulb?

Year 4 enjoyed the challenge of making a simple circuit to light up a bulb in their Science lesson on electricity!  Once they had mastered that, they went on to make the bulbs brighter or dimmer by adding batteries and wires. Well done Year 4!   Ms Blomeley

Sports Week


This week, Year 3 have been taking part in a variety of sporting activities including the daily mile, Zumba, yoga, skipping, rounders and an assault course. We have also been learning and exploring London and the Royal Family as our selected country for the Cricket World Cup is 'England' and it links perfectly to our WWII topic. 


Learning about Cricket

With our sports' coach Nursery children learnt to throw a ball like a cricket player. 

Children said that they would like to play Cricket at home.

Sports' Week

Nursery have been very active doing lots of exercises this week, including running, hopping and skipping.

Rounders Training

The Year 5 and 6 Girls enjoying the break in the weather to hone their bowling, batting and fielding skills. Bring on the competition in a few weeks time.