School Blog

First Week

We have had a fantastic first week. Everyone has settled in and has worked extremely hard. I am so proud, what a super class!

Creating our Class Charter!

As a Rights Respecting School we are all working towards achieving our Silver Award.  The Rights are based around the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and recently Year 4 worked really hard in groups to decide which Articles they would like to include in their Class Charter.  The Charter will provide a frameword for both adults (Duty Bearers) and children on how to respect each other's rights. Watch this space for more details of the Articles they chose and their Class Charter display.  Mrs Blomeley

Year 4 in the Hot Seat!

Year 4's enthusiasm for our Roman topic is amazing!  So far they have written non-chronological reports about some of the Roman gods and put themselves in the shoes of a Roman soldier, posted in Britain to build Hadrian's Wall.  "Hot Seating" is where a child takes on the role of a character to answer questions from the rest of the class.  Year 4 impressed me by their carefully thought out questions and the attention to detail from the Hot Seat character. Well done Year 4!    Mrs Blomeley

Music time in Year 4!


Year 4 were extremely excited to begin their clarinet lessons with Mr Wright!   Following a warm up singing session their first task was to learn how to put their clarinets together!  They are all looking forward to learning how to play this instrument from the woodwind family.  Mrs Blomeley 


What a yummy end to our week. Thank you for making our Macmillan event scrummdillyumptious and thank you to Mrs Butler for organising it. We rasied over £480 which is amazing, so well done to you all.

My certificates this week have gone to Heidi Thomas and Sophia Evetts - for trying their best everyday and making their teachers smile. Keep this up.