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Space Week in Year 3

To celebrate Space Week Year 3 visited an inflatble planetarium. We learned about the planets in our solar system and found out about Mars Rover and its mission to Mars. We also discussed how the moon seems to change its shape over time. We learnt about the phases of the Moon and conducted our own experiment to see how the light affects the shape of the moon as we see it travels around the Earth. We used a torch to represent the sun, a small ball to represent the moon and we had one person in the middle to represent the Earth. 

Outdoor activity in Year 3

Outdoor activity in Year 3

As part of their PE lesson with a Geography link, children enjoyed being outside and learning to draw their own maps, then follow maps in familar contexts. They are beginnning to use clues to follow a route and follow a map safely. 


Space Week...

The planetarium from Jodrell Bank visited our school for year 2s topic and to celebrate Space Week. It was out of this world! 

National Poetry Day 2021

Years 3, 5 and 6 took part in a poetry workshop with the amazing Michael Rosen on National Poetry Day. We watched Michael perform some of his poetry and joined in along with him. I know that Year 6 particularly enjoyed 'No breathing in class'  Please look at Michael's website for many more poetry ideas and performances: Michael Rosen | Official Website He is certainly inspiring.

Draw along session with Steve May

We had a special treat today to celebrate National Libraries Week; a virtual Draw Along event on Zoom. Year 3 really enjoyed the session with illustrator Steve May. We all had a go at drawing BITEY BITEY, one of Steve's characters. 

Year 3 Awards

Well done to Year 3 children who received this week's Head Teacher's and Good to be Green awards for their amazing work and outstanding behaviour!  

Making rainbow without sunlight

In our Science lesson today we found out how rainbows are made. Then, we tried to make a rainbow without sunligh. We put a mirror in a glass of water and we flashed a torch towards the mirror. A tiny rainbow appeared from the angle of the mirror. You can't see it on the pictures but it was definitely there... If you don't believe us you can try this experiment at home!