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Children have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use the control programme of scratch, this has contributed to improving their computing skills. The hour of coding website has fabulous web links with other coding games that children could play at home. 

Icy Walks

Year 3 went on a winter walk to help inspire their writing. They could feel the ice under their feet, the frozen air on their faces and the icy burn of the frost on their fingers. 

Maths Array Cities

Year 3 made Array Cities using their multiplication knowledge for example 5 X 7 would be a tower block with 5 windows wide and 7 high.

5 X 7 which equals 35 so 35 windows on the tower block.

Their cities look great and can be used to teach others about multiplying.

Birdman experience

On Tuesday 5th November we had a visit from the 'Birdman' Alan Ames. He brought in some amazing birds of prey and told us lots of interesting facts about how each one has adapted to be the perfect predator. 

Challenge Me

Year 3 were amazing at the 6 minute Challenge Me skipping activity. I was highly impressed by their perseverence. 


During Maths Week England, each child from every class produced a piece of Maths related artwork.  The children really enjoyed being creative with Maths and the results were fantastic! On Thursday, the Hall was transformed into an Art Gallery for the children to visit. A selection of work was exhibited from each class which included shape garlands, shape rockets, symmetrical patterns, arrays, tessellations, optical illusions and geometric designs.  There were some interesting conversations in the "Gallery" where the children discussed their favourite works of art! 

Outdoor Learning Day

All of the children had a great time during Outdoor Learning Day. The children in Year 3,4, 5 and 6 learnt a lot from the RSPB workshops. Year 1 and 2 produced some fantastic artwork from the leaves that they collected.  Well done everyone!

Outdoor Classroom Day

Year 3 enjoyed learning about birds from the RSPB. They then explored the outdoors listening and looking at the different colours of Autumn.