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Stone Age

Year 3 children have been really enthused by their Stone Age topic and have produced some fabulous creative homework which they confidently shared with the class.

Challenge Me Hula Hooping Event

Last week, the whole school took part in the Challenge Me Hula Hooping event. EYFS had to hula hoop for 2 minutes, KS1 for 4 minutes and KS2 for 6 minutes without stopping! This was to try to improve our stamina. We had lots of fun and all got stickers for taking part.

Fish Keeper Fry

Week 1 is complete and we are exceptionally proud of our fish tank. The pupils have been really careful and sensible with the tank and setting it up and are really looking forward to next week's activities.


Could you be a Stone Age child?

Year 3 are learning all about how the Stone Age used to live. Children have designed and made clay pots or necklaces. They have used charcoal and chalk to create cave pictures.

As part of their English children have researched, taken notes and wrote non-chronological reports. In Maths children have learnt the symbols used for early counting.

Now do Year 3 have the skills to be A Stone Age child?

Creating public artwork in Key Stage 2!

We were delighted to be asked to work with sculptor Michael Condron again!   Michael  last worked with some of our pupils back in 2016 when he was commissioned to create a sculpture for the new Ashton Interchange, which is now nearing completion.  On Friday, pupils from Key Stage 2 created some designs based on 'Journeys' to be included in the final artwork.  Twelve children drew their designs before scratching them onto plaster disks.  Michael will fire glass onto the plaster disks in his kiln so their designs will be moulded into the coloured glass circles that will form part of the publi

Year 3 Magic Show

The magic in year 3 has turned some of our Year 3 children into magicians. 

As part of their creative homework projects Year 3 performed a trick or presentation to their class and then to their parents. They worked ever so hard which such determination to do their best, a magical end to the year.


Children have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to use the control programme of scratch, this has contributed to improving their computing skills. The hour of coding website has fabulous web links with other coding games that children could play at home. 

Icy Walks

Year 3 went on a winter walk to help inspire their writing. They could feel the ice under their feet, the frozen air on their faces and the icy burn of the frost on their fingers.