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Science Fair 2022

We are incredibly proud of our Year 6 class who worked really hard to organise and run the Science Fair today. They were superb role models for our younger children and have shared their scientific knowledge so well all morning. Please look through the photographs. 

Science Boffins for British Science Week

On Tuesday the Science Boffin Vicki visited Broadbent Fold as part of British Science Week.

During the assembly we watched paper disappear when she lit it on fire - this is special paper called 'flash paper' 

Miss Harvey was kindly volunteered to have water tipped on her head... luckily the water had disappeared from the cup. This was because slush powder was in the bottom of the cup- this is a special powder which absorbs water. This is what is used in disposable nappies. 

Litter Picking

Our year 5 pupils are helping keep our grounds safe and clear. Each week a group of helpful pupils help me make our school tidy. Thank you year 5! 

Reception MTP and Home Learning

Attached is a copy of our medium term plan for this half term.  Our topic is - Why is Africa so amazing and all about the Jungle.  

I have also attached a copy of the home learning grid for anyone self isolating or anyone wanting to do some additional learning.

Mrs K

World Book Day events 2022

To celebrate World Book Day today our Y6 Librarians hosted a competition during lunchtime where children across the school had to guess the title of a book by looking at a small picture clue from the front cover. The girls were really helpful organising this and gave up their lunch time to work with the children to complete their entries. Well done ladies!

The winners will be announced soon....

KS2 also had the opportunity to take part in a virtual assembly with poet Michael Rosen. Some of our favourite poems were 'Chocolate Cake' and 'Don't breathe'

Matt Goodfellow Visit 2022

We were all certianly inspired by poet Matt this week. He performed his poems so well with humour and spirit and there was lots of laughter in both the KS1 and KS2 assemblies this week. 

All classes had the amazing opportunity to create poems with Matt in their class workshops too. Year 6 really enjoyed this and were keen to share their finished poems with him at the end of the sessions.

I hope those who bought a copy of his book 'Bright Bursts of Colour' have enjoyed reading it. 

Afternoon Tea with Mrs P!

Well done to the children who have been green this half term. I am very proud of you all. One child from each class joined me for afternoon tea to celebrate their hard work.

Keep this effort up! It is good to be green. 

Handwriting Winners Spring 2

A huge congratulations to our handwriting winners this term. They have all worked hard and either shown great improvment or just brilliant handwriting and presentation skills. Well done- we hope you enjoy using your new pencil to show off your great handwriting!

Our winners include: Nursery- Eric  Reception- Casey  Y1- Xavier  Y2- George  Y3- Lottie  Y4- Maisie  Y5- Noah  Y6- Jessica

All of your work is now proudly displayed outside Mrs Parker's room.