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Chinese New Year

We had a fantastic time celebrating Chinese New Year! We had a banquet in our Chinese Restaurant and made some wonderful Chinese dragons.

Ice Investigation

Following an urgent letter from Queen Elsa we immediately started discussing the best way to release the characters from the ice. The children had lots of different ideas. We decided to put one in a warm room, one in warm water, one in cold water and one wrapped in a warm cardigan. We watched and waited to see which one melted first.


Our topic this half term is winter. We are reading lots of wintery fiction and non fiction texts, investigating ice and doing lots of winter arts and crafts.

Progression to Pedals

The children all thoroughly enjoyed our first few progression to pedals sessions with Ross Keeble Outdoors. At week two, several of the children have already progressed to riding a two wheeler bike independently. Well done! 

The Gingerbread Man

We made gingerbread men. Mrs Kleban's escaped out of the window! We have been searching for him everywhere! Please let us know if you spot him!