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Gloop Glorious Gloop and Lava Lamp Laughter in Science Club!

Science Club members have been busy lately investigating scientific theories whilst making Gloop and Lava Lamps.  Firstly, we found out that Gloop is a non-Newtonian fluid.  It is a solution that behaves a little like a solid and a little like a liquid and seems to defy the laws of gravity.  You just need to mix Cornflour and water to make this substance and, although it is messy, it's a lot of fun!  The children were amazed by the actions they saw in their Lava lamps which, they learnt, were caused by hydrophobia!  .

Science Club - It IS Rocket Science!

Science Club has got off to a flying start this year with some budding scientists in the group!  So far, two of our activities have involved forces and air resistance. We made our own rockets using card and straws and also raced balloon rockets!  We explored whether making the balloons larger increased their speed.  What do you think?    Mrs Blomeley and Miss Lewis

Super Science Week!

Science Week was a huge success last week!  Billy Branston’s Amazing Potato Factory was resident in the car park from Tuesday to Thursday and all of the children from Year 1 to Year 6 spent an hour in the bus. They engaged in hands on tasks such as planting; growing and storage; sorting and weighing and nutrition and cooking. Key Stage 2 were extremely lucky to visit the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester where they enjoyed fun and educational interative shows and activities.