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Royal Wedding Celebrations

To celebrate the Royal Wedding Nursery and Reception decorated Union Jack Flags in red, white and blue. They counted Royal objects and coloured Royal pictures. On Friday, children really enjoyed dressing up and attending a tea party.

Fairy Garden

Children have brought in items from home and we have put them into our outside area to create a fairy garden.

Garden Centre

Spring has come and nursery have a role play garden centre where they pretend to buy flowers and plants. Children will be planting seeds and learning about how seeds grow. 

Drop Everything and Write Parent Workshop

Nursery enjoyed showing their mark making skills alongside their parents. Doe disco, printing with eggs and creating fabulous colourful decorated eggs as well as sharing the beginning of letter formation. A huge thank you to all the parents and grandparents who came to support us. 

Nursery being active

Nursery have enjoyed taking part in PE with the sports' coaches and gymnastics. Children have been learning to run, skip, hop and catch. They have been learning to roll  jump on gymnastics mats, hoops and benches. 

Science investigating in the outdoor area

Reception and Nursery used the outdoor equipment to see how far and how fast a ball could go, children's ideas were used to decided how to investigate this.  They found out that the higher the drain pipe the faster the ball went.

Jungle explorers

Nursery are very excited to be jungle explorers, one of their favourite songs is down in the jungle. Keep reading our blog for more updates on our learning.

Pancake Day

Happy Pancake Day Everyone! We followed the recipe and had lots of fun whisking the ingredients together. We also enjoyed tasting the different toppings too!  


Nursery children are only 3 and 4 years old yet they already use the internet for lots of different reasons. In school and at home children discussed with adults what they use the internet for, we found out children watched videos, played games and of course learnt lots of information through the internet that teachers show them. In nursery we have also used 'skype' to speak to Adarsh, a former nursery child, who moved to the USA and found out about his new school. 

Chinese New Year

A Chinese restaurant role play area has been created in our nursery classroom, children have been taking food orders and pretending to be waiters and waitresses. Our funky fingers area has Chinese numbers and children have the opportunity to match pom poms to the correct numbers using tweezers which develops fine motor skills.