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Nursery have thoroughly enjoyed learning about mini-beasts, they learnt that mini-beasts don't have any bones. They learnt what mini-beasts eat and even the colour of their poo!!

They looked at a giant African snail called Miss Honey, a spider called Sprinderella who had 8 legs and 8 eyes.

Who can remember which animal was called Mr Tickle? 

Caterpillar maths

Nursery made their own caterpillars describing how they made them, talking about the shapes and measuring how long the caterpillars were using cubes.

Happy World Book Day

All of the children look fantastic dressed up in their outfits. We have all had a fun day reading some of our favourite books.

Little Red Riding Hood

Our Nursery's new theme is The Little Red Riding Hood. Children have a cottage as a role play area and they enjoy pretending to be Little Red Riding Hood.

Our Favourite Books

Mrs Slate, Miss Spalding and Mrs Bardsley choice their favourite book and share it with Nursery children.

What is your favourite book?

We would love to hear all about your favourite book.

Chinese food

This morning in our chinese restaurant we have enjoyed tasting chinese food. We ate and tried spring rolls, rice, prawn crackers and spring rolls. It was delicious.





Nursery's Chinese Restaurant

How exciting Nursery's role play area has turned into a Chinese Restaurant. Children can phone up and book a table, they can be a waiter/waitress or a customer and order food from a menu. 


Winter Maths Workshop

We enjoyed our wonderful winter Maths themed workshop. A huge thank you to our parents and grandparents who came and did Maths activities with their children.