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Blur - Coffee and T.V.

This week we have watched a video starring a milk carton who went on an adventure!

It was then up to us to re-write the narrative. 

We considered how authors  develop characters and settings and select appropriate grammar and vocabulary.

Furthermore, we improved our understanding of how such choices can change and enhance meaning.

Mission Possible!

As our topic is 'Mission Possible', we have been very busy setting challenges and designing mottos for the year ahead.

Have a look at some of our designs.


Welcome to Year 6!

Welcome to Year 6 and what will be a busy and eventful final year for our class at Broadbent Fold. 

We have many things planned and much work to do but nothing is impossible for our year 6!

Together we can achieve anything and everything! 

Leavers Disco

Our Year 6 end of term disco was a huge success.

Thanks to our wonderful PTFA for organising the food and drinks.


Team USA!!!

Next week is Sports Week and we have been busy preparing for Broadbent Fold's Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Year 6 will be representing USA and we have been making flags and learning the National Anthem.


Online Safety

"To children, online friends are real friends.

Online life is real life.

There's no distinction."

Cyber bullying is something the NSPCC spoke to us about.

Every child was given an information booklet/guide to parents.

Your child's online world.

Please take time to read through it.

NSPCC Assembly

The NSPCC came into school on Thursday to talk to us about keeping safe and speaking out.

We believe all children have the right to:

* be listened to

* stay safe and not be hurt

* get help when they need it

Buddy the speech bubble was there too and we talked about worries and bullying and who to speak to.