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Marvellous Maths

Year 6 have been working eggceptionally hard with their maths at the moment. They have become eggsperts in the 4 rules of numbers and are having a cracking time linking the class theme to their eggcellent skills. Fantastic work Year 6.

Fee, Fi, Fom, Fum

Well Year 6 are getting into the Panto mood for after the holidays. We can't wait to climb up that beanstalk with our new topic.

Super Sponsored Circuit

What a fabulous sponsored event today. We do hope that you enjoy all the prizes for your fund raising. Well done Year 6 for exercising non-stop.

Y6 Fire Fighters

What a fantastic visit to Year 6 on Tuesday there was when the fire brigade came to talk about fire safety. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves as you can see.