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Jacob's fantastic work

Jacob thank you for sending in your English work writing about your lockdown experience- this will be interesting for you to look back on in the future. I am glad that you have found lots to enjoy to write about. 

I love your PE poster about staying fit too. It is so important to look after yourself especially when you're not as active as you normally would be.

Great ball skills too Jacob- it looks like you are keeping yourself very busy. Well done :)

Year 6 home learning 25th May

Here is the Home Learning Grid for the week beginning 25th May that will provide you with ideas for activities to compete at home.  Please click read more to access!

 Just a reminder, this is the last piece of work set until the 8th June.

Please take some time to rest up and enjoy the lovely weather over the Whit holidays. 

Stay safe, Miss Harvey

Riley's time in lock down

Riley it is excellent to see how much work you have completed at home again.

I am so impressed that your fact file about lions was shared on an online program about vets. I didnt know that they start off with spots. Very informative. 

Well done for keeping up your fitness with running. I know that your mum is trying to keep up with you :)

It is lovely to hear from you. Keep up the good work!

Jessica's extreme reading

I love both of your photographs Jessica- I would love to be a ble to sit in a tree and read in peace. I'm not sure that I would be able to climb back down haha.

I love how relaxed you look listening to your ebook in the second photograph. Great stuff :)