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Feeling tired

We have had a fantastic two days at Rock and River, taking part in a variety of exciting outdoor and adventure activities. We have worked as a team, shown great determination and over come personal challenges and fears along the way. Can we do it?  YES WE CAN!

Rock and River Adventure

pWhat a jam packed evening and morning we have had. Off to do den building, swamp romp and abseiling now. 

Water fun!

Canoeing, kayaking and raft racing in the rain. What fantastic teamwork and attitude by everyone! They still wanted to jump in depsite being soaked by the rain! We are having a fantastic time.

We will defeat the rain!

What a fabulous start we have had. The children have settled into their bunkbeds, had lunch and done orienteering whilst getting completely muddy and soaked in the rain! We will not let the rain defeat us!


Photos of canoeing, kayaking and raft building to follow..


3D Printing!

Year 6 are very excited as we have loaned a 3D printer for a couple of weeks.

We have been busy designing on Tinkerkad this half term and are looking forward to using the printer later this week.

Watch this space!


Year 6 have been mixing solutes to see which ones dissolve. What an exciting time they had!