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Year 6 home learning- 11th May

Hello Year 6!

This week you would have been sitting your SATs tests. It is ok if you feel relieved but I also understand if you feel a little upset or frustrated. You have all worked so hard this year and I am proud of all of your achievements :)

I read the poem below that a mum in County Durham called Gemma Peacock wrote which has gone viral and I thought of all of you! 

Press the read more button to access this week's home learning tasks. Please keep in touch with your photographs and send me any completed work this week. Take care. 

VE Day Art Challenge


Thank you for complementing our VE Day Art Challenge and designing a poster to thank our heroes past and present.  I love your posters and I’m very impressed by your creativity!


Big WELL DONE to Evie in Year 2, Laura in Year 4, Sophie and Brooke in Year 4, Matthew in Year 1 and Freya Year 5, Tilly in Year 4 and Finlay in Year 6, Luca in Year 6, Chloe Year 6, Elissa and Leeson in Year 6.


Kai's sweet peas

I am impressed Kai. Your sweet pea seeds are growing very well. I am useless at growing plants so I know who to come to for help.

Keep it up :)

Alexa's 'treat the trees better campaign'

A great message from Alexa about looking after our environment and protecting trees. I am so impressed with your persuasive skills in your YouTube video to raise awareness. Unfortunately I can't share videos on here but I really enjoyed watching how well-researched and enthusiastic you were. A future prime minister maybe :)

Finlay's time at home

Wow Finlay you have been so busy at home. I am so impressed with how much you have done and how creative you and your family have been. 

What a list of activities- planting, making bird feeders, cooking, baking, model making- I love your salt dough 'dad'!

Great work on your time capsule- you have just created a piece of history! I love your idea of making a Covid-bot to record the number of deaths.