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English Week


Year 6 have thoroughly enjoyed English Week, (Fairytales and Fantasies) this week.

We met a Storyteller on Tuesday who told us two fantastic stories.

A poet came into school on Wednesday and we took part in Poetry workshops.

There were mysterious "Fairy Doors" all over school, sprinkled with magic and fairy dust.

All of these experiences, inspired us to write some amazing poetry and stories.

Each class produced a BIG storybook to share in our school library,

great fun and lots of learning was had by all!



Vicious Vikings!!!

Our new topic this half term is Vicious Vikings!

The school Governors have plans to cut the Vikings out of our curriculum,

(they think a topic about Vikings would be too blood thirsty!!!)

so we have been writing balanced arguments.

We are currently writing letters to the Governors,

detailing our thoughts for and against learning about the Vikings.

Watch this space!!!


Maths Week

What a fantastic week we all had!

Marvellous Maths!

Year 6 enjoyed lots of maths activities, including:

G&T inter-school maths competition, with children from St Marys, Ravensfield, Yew Tree and Lyndhurst schools.

Family group maths games.

Big Puzzle Company challenges in the hall.

Musical Number Fun with Dave Godfrey.

We all enjoyed lots of activites and learning in our classroom and all around school.

The week was a great success!


Eye, eye!

We have been learning about Light in Science and this week we concentrated on our "Eyes".

Sitting in the dark with our eyes closed for a few seconds and then looking at each others pupils to see what happened!

We were amazed to learn that our eyes see images upside down and it is our brain that flips the image the right way round!

We drew and labelled an eye, using the scientific names.  

Ask your child what the different parts of the eye are:  SCLERA, PUPIL, IRIS, CORNEA, LENS, OPTIC NERVE, RETINA.



Panto Pandemonium!!!

We're going Panto mad in Year 6!

This week we have written a Rags to Riches fairytale narrative, or a twist to the classic Cinderella, Riches to Rags.

We assessed our writing using the Year 6 Point Score Challenge.


BBF's Got Talent!

This week our super-bendy Faye is

Year 6's  BBF Talent star!

" I go to gymnastics every Monday and we

train on the beams, bar and the floor.

I do enjoy it!"

Writing Blogs!

After a trip to Crucial Crew last week,

Year 6 have been writing blogs about

the important safety skills we

were taught.

Maths Challenges!

We enjoy challenging our thinking and working together.

Each week, a different group of children take on the Maths Challenge and work together to solve the problems.

We record our findings in the Year 6 Floorbook.

BBF's Got Talent!

This week, Shane has told us all about his talent.

"This is my first house from my village of houses.  

I make them out of plasticine.  

These houses are hollow and take about half an hour to make.  

You need quite a lot of patience!  

I put things inside the houses for the characters that live there."


We love your talent Shane!