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Y6 Stars of the week 27-11-20

Well done Gracie. You always have a great attitude to learning. You are hardworking, supportive and enthusiastic in all lessons. A super role model.

Congratulations to Paige too. You are becoming more confident with each day in the class. Your enthusiasm during Outdoor Learning Day was a joy to see.

Two fantastic winners who could easily be chosen to win it every week. 

Fanastic Fundraising by Alfie for Children In Need!

Two weeks ago Alfie started his sponsored bike ride in aid of Children in Need!   Amazingly, he managed to raise a massive £585 for Children In Need!  Well done Alfie!  We are all so proud of you for being a wonderful citizen and a fantastic role model.  Mrs Blomeley

Y6 Evolution and inheritance workshop- part 2

In the second part of our workshop we got to explore fossils up-close using a digital microscope. We looked at a huge range of fossils including from animals such as mammoths, whales, megalaceros and even fossilised dinosaur poo!!

What a fantastic day!!

Y6 Evolution and inheritance workshop- part 1

What a fun-filled morning. We looked at the theory of evolution with natural selection. We recreated the famous picture of the origin of species-the children suited their roles very well. We had a competition of who could collect the most ping-pong balls with different tools. We looked at the anatomy of the human skeleton and how it is linked with other animals. In our PE session we completed different circuit challenges thinking about how the body would move and what animals we would look similar to. 

I am impressed with your knowledge Year 6- fantastic work so far!

Survival of the fittest in Y6

Year 6 designed fair tests this week to see who would survive through natural selection. They chose different 'beaks' that they had to use to collect as much food as possible. They set up the investigations scientifically exploring how they would control the constants and variables fairly. They had a lot of fun collecting their food- some of the birds were very messy. I think that some of the birds may have also tried to cheat a little bit too; a lot of fun was had by all.

Y6 Stars of the week 20-11-20

Congratulations Niamh- I have noticed you taking part in our street dance with confidence and enjoyment. Great moves!

Well done to Poppy for working independently in class- keep up the great work. 

Maths At Home Competition Entries!

Here's Sam looking very pleased with himself after counting up his money from his pirate money box! Sam used multiplication and addition to get to the total. Great Maths at home! Well done Sam and Good Luck! Mrs Blomeley

Forest school with Year 6

Year 6 have had a fanatstic time in their forest school session last week playing the fun bear, salmon, mosquito game.  They have also been safely whittling sticks with potato peelers, making dens and playing on the mud slide.