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Year 5's First Aid Training!

On Tuesday 27th September a lovely lady called Sandra from St. John Ambulance came in to our class to teach us First Aid. We started with Lily acting that she was in danger and we had to get the danger away.  We also checked for any blood  or poison.   In partners we then learnt how to put people into the recovery position and also how to deal with someone who is choking, or has fainted.  We also found out how to help someone with asthma if they are struggling with their breathing.  At the end we got into four groups and had to choose items to put into a First Aid Kit.

Tag Rugby Teamwork!

For the past two weeks only, a number of Year 5 children have been attending the Tag Rugby after-school club.  Already they have improved their Tag Rugby playing tactics and have had the opportunity to share these with the rest of the class in our outdoor PE lessons.  This has improved their confidence and leadership skills.  Furthermore the rest of the class have displayed fantastic teamwork and I am extremely proud of them all!   Mrs Blomeley

Year 5 in the Victorian Hot Seat!

Year 5's enthusiasm for our Victorian topic is amazing!  So far they have written diaries to empathise with the miserable life of a workhouse child and delved into the daily drudgery of a poor chimney sweep boy.  "Hot Seating" is where a child takes on the role of a character to answer questions from the rest of the class.  Year 5 have impressed me by their carefully thought out questions and the attention to detail from the Hot Seat characters.  Well done Year 5!   I am looking forward to a great year ahead!   Mrs Blomeley

Brilliant Bikeability!

Year 5 were so excited to start their Bikeability training! Bikeability is designed to help young people to learn the skills and confidence to cycle on today's challenging roads.  Beginning on the school playground on Day 1 and progressing to riding on the roads by Day 4, Bikeability is no mean feat!  The training staff were fantastic and all the children had a brilliant time learning their new skills.  Well done!

Grand Opening! Year 5's Reading Corner!

It all started when Year 5 decided to write to our lovely "Toast Ladies" to thank them for their very kind efforts in making toast every Frday for the whole school.  From the proceeds of the toast, each class had been given a budget to re-vamp their Reading Corner with new books and accessories.  Year 5 chose very wisely - books from their favourite authors, such as David Walliams and Jeff Kinney, together with a much needed bookcase and a furry rug to make the corner more cosy.

Saxon Settlements!

Year 5 managed to fit lots of activities into their Anglo Saxon topic.  Firstly, as a homework task, the whole class made their own Anglo Saxon houses.  These were fantastic!  They then created three Anglo Saxon settlements by using lots of natural materials, such as twigs and grass, together with air clay models of people, boats and animals.  Through excellent teamwork and sharing their ideas the end results were extremely impressive; you can see these on display around the school.

Year 5 can feel the force!

Year 5's new Science topic is FORCES and we have been testing a nember of theories.  For example: "Does the force of a push make a toy car go further?"  Yes, we predicted, and our results confirmed this.  "Would a small, light ball fall slower than a large, heavy ball?" Using different size balls and timers we put this to the test and compared our predictions with the results. You'd be surprised!  We also found out that Force is measured in newtons and spent some time measuring newtons of different items around the classroom using different scales of Newton meters.

Science Week - Space for Science: Science in Spaces

From Tuesday to Thursday of Science Week Year 5 enjoyed working on  the different space themes: Outer Space, Digital Space, Personal Space and Built Space. The Planetarium workshop enabled Year 5 to embed their new found knowledge of the Solar System, whilst discovering more about stars and constellations.  They used Digital Space to create scientific Scratch projects based around food chains and in Personal Space they investigated how different colours made them feel.

Science Week - Sharing Open Spaces!

On the final day of Science Week, Year 5 and Year 6 chose to work together on "Open Spaces".  We made the short walk to Gorse Hall armed with black bags, string and cardboard to create their dens. Accompanied by myself, Mrs Austin, Mrs Gething and Mrs Brereton, the children thoroughly enjoyed the activity and the end results were fabulous!   More importantly we were all extremely impressed by their team spirit and hard work.  Well done to you all!  Mrs Blomeley

Wonderful World Book Day in Year 5 !

It was a week later than planned (due to the snow day) but it was definitely worth waiting for!  Year 5's costumes were amazing!  They included Maid Marion, Stick Man, Mr Bean, Gangsta Granny, Cruella de Vil, Greg from Diary of a Wimpy Kid together with some old favourites such as Wanda from Where's Wally and Mary Poppins!  We were extremely lucky to have visits from some mums, dads and grandmas to read  stories to the class which they all thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you!   Mrs Blomeley