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Super Spies in Year 5!

As part of Year 5's Spies topic, Friday 9th December was the long awaited Spy Day!  All the children came dressed as spies and entered the Spy Headquarters wiith a secret code!  Spy moves, invisible writing and gadget making were just some of the missions they carried out.  The Secret Agent in Key Stage 2 was revealed and the afternoon was spent watching the action packed Spy film Stormbreaker.  It was a fabulous day, enjoyed by all.  Mrs Blomeley.

Creating Space in the Playground!


Year 5 have been learning about Earth and the Solar System this term.  They were given a task to create chalk pictures of the planets, making sure they were drawn to scale and placed in their position in relation to the Sun.  The children have learnt a mnemonic to help them remember this information: My Very Easy Method Just Speeds Up Naming (planets).  Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.  They just about avoided a collision between Earth and Mercury but the results were very impressive!   Well done Year 5!  Mrs Blomeley

Enjoying Spanish Weather in Year 5 !

Year 5 are enjoying learning about the Spanish words for different types of weather.  Senora Buckley is amazed by their fantastic memory skills and fabulous pronunciation.   They have done some fun activities including being a TV Weather Presenter and choosing items from a bag to descibe what weather you would use it for! We are hoping to say "Hace calor" (it is hot) rather than "Hace frio" (it is cold) this Christmas!   Mrs Blomeley

RE week - Ann Angel - a special visitor!

During RE week Year 5 enjoyed learning about some Jewish traditions and customs from a special visitor - Ann Angel.  They learnt about Shabbat - the Jewish Sabbath and Rosh Hashanah - the Jewish New Year.  We all shared in the tradition of eating apples dipped in honey.  This custom symbolises hopes for a "sweet" New Year ahead.  Some children had an opportunity to wear a kippah (Jewish headwear) and a prayer shawl.  Year 5 went on to research the Jewish place of worship - the synagogue - and found it interesting to compare the Jewish faith with other religions.  Mrs Blomeley. 

Year 5 go back to Victorian times!

Year 5 travelled back in time to the Victorian age when they visited Quarry Bank Mill in Styal on 7th October.  Dressed in clothes of the Victorian period, the children arrived at Apprentice House and stepped right into a school lesson!   Handwriting on chalkboards, calling the very strict Mistress "Maam" and learning about some scary medical procedures of the time (such as bloodsucking leeches) made Year 5 realise just how lucky they are to live in 2016!

Year 5's First Aid Training!

On Tuesday 27th September a lovely lady called Sandra from St. John Ambulance came in to our class to teach us First Aid. We started with Lily acting that she was in danger and we had to get the danger away.  We also checked for any blood  or poison.   In partners we then learnt how to put people into the recovery position and also how to deal with someone who is choking, or has fainted.  We also found out how to help someone with asthma if they are struggling with their breathing.  At the end we got into four groups and had to choose items to put into a First Aid Kit.

Tag Rugby Teamwork!

For the past two weeks only, a number of Year 5 children have been attending the Tag Rugby after-school club.  Already they have improved their Tag Rugby playing tactics and have had the opportunity to share these with the rest of the class in our outdoor PE lessons.  This has improved their confidence and leadership skills.  Furthermore the rest of the class have displayed fantastic teamwork and I am extremely proud of them all!   Mrs Blomeley

Year 5 in the Victorian Hot Seat!

Year 5's enthusiasm for our Victorian topic is amazing!  So far they have written diaries to empathise with the miserable life of a workhouse child and delved into the daily drudgery of a poor chimney sweep boy.  "Hot Seating" is where a child takes on the role of a character to answer questions from the rest of the class.  Year 5 have impressed me by their carefully thought out questions and the attention to detail from the Hot Seat characters.  Well done Year 5!   I am looking forward to a great year ahead!   Mrs Blomeley

Brilliant Bikeability!

Year 5 were so excited to start their Bikeability training! Bikeability is designed to help young people to learn the skills and confidence to cycle on today's challenging roads.  Beginning on the school playground on Day 1 and progressing to riding on the roads by Day 4, Bikeability is no mean feat!  The training staff were fantastic and all the children had a brilliant time learning their new skills.  Well done!