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Coban's Adventure Story

Thank you Coban for this fantastic story. I love your range of vocabulary and the variety of sentence structures you have used. You have used a variety of ways to start your sentences and there is lots of exciting action. An action packed adventure. Well done. 

Niamh's Adventure Story

A very exciting adventure story Niamh, I really enjoyed reading it, you have put a lot of effort and imagination into it. I really loved your range of vocabulary and punctuation. You kept me gripped to the end. Thank you Niamh. Miss Glenn.   

Coban's Sydney Opera House

Brilliant work Coban, a fantastic picture of Sydney Opera house with some very interesting facts. A great likeness, although I've only seen it in pictures. It must be amazing to see a performance there. Miss Glenn.   

Reading competition winners

Thank you to all of the children who entered our reading competition.

We have all really enjoyed seeing your photographs of the strange and wonderful places that you have been reading at home.

Everybody who entered will be emailed a certificate for joining in.

Our winners are:

Reception- George

KS1- Logan

KS2- Freya

Well done to everybody again, Miss Harvey :) 

Sonny's ttrockstars one million coins

Wow Sonny what an achievement, you have worked so hard to make sure you were in the top spot, well done Joshua for encouraging Sonny to reach his goal. It is great to challenge yourself and not give up, look what you have achieved. We are all so proud of you. ONE MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Year 5 Home Learning 25th May

Hello to all, thank you for your continued hard work-adults at home and children-and thank you to those who have sent work in to, I have loved seeing it all. I know a lot of you will be working hard behind the scenes also so well done to those too. You're doing a super job everyone and it is really appreciated. Please see the attached home learning for this week. Don't forget to click on read more and the link below the icon for the Home Learning. Please also see the attachments.

Reuben's Fantastic range of Home Learning.

Reuben, what a busy week you've had, completing your MyMaths, using Bitesize and completing all your activity sheets. Great picture and write up about Mountains and well done for persevering with your maths and challenging yourself, super job. I'm so glad you took part in the extreme raeding challenge, Miss Harvey will be very impressed. Running is a good way to get your exercise and it always makes you feel great.....afterwards! It was lovely to see your name read out on the online programme about Vets, don't forget everyone when you're famous will you.