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Maisie's magnificent Beowulf ending....

Fantastic Maisie, a very interesting ending. Great to see you using a range of vocabulary abd grammar we talked about. A wonderful range of sentences made this really interesting to read and very cohesive. Super.  

Hattie's amazing amount of Home Learning.

Hattie this work is fantastic. Have a look through everyone at all the work Hattie has been doing, from fantastic sketches to adventure stories, work on Florence Nightingale and the Amazon. Truly fabulous Hattie.  I really enjoyed reading all about Beowulf and the Anglo Saxons too. Your sketches are so realistic with great perspective, a future artist in the making. Thank you for working so hard and well done. Miss Glenn. 

Lily's RE work

Super RE work on how Christianity was introduces into Britain, it was very interesting to hear about the 3 super Saints and how they introduced Christianity in different ways. It's the ordinary people that change things in the end I see. Well done Lily, very interesting to read and I love your paragrpah's and fronted adverbials. Miss Glenn.   

Coban's Anglo-Saxon work

Wow Coban, what a lot of information, these Anglo Saxon's sound like a fearsome bunch, they did enjoy their food and fighting. It was very interesting to read all your facts. Thank you for completing this super work. Miss Glenn. 

Niamh's Kennings and Maths.

Well done Niamh, a wonderful kennings, I can see elements of my granddad in that poem, particulary the part about the biscuit eater. Hmmmmmm must be a granddad thing. Granddads are great. What a lot of maths you've done and tricky one's too and another kennings, you've got a real talent for this poetry, I love the line cat-escaper, it helps with using hypehns too which are needed in our writing ready for Year 6. Well done on all your hard work. 

Lily's fabulous home learning

Great work Lily. You have achieved a lot this week. A very cute newt, a wonderful Anglo-Saxon sword and shield, a lovely kennings poem and amazing handwriting. I love the detail on your sword and the kennings poem is very clever. My guess is a dog! Your handwriting is so neat, well done for working so hard on all of this. Miss Glenn. 

Cerys' 7 mile challenge

Well done on acheiving your 7 mile challenge. An hour of walking each day is fantastic. Some great places to walk, I'll have to try them they look lovely. The Torrs, Ashton canal the local parks are great ideas. It is so good to get out for our bodies and minds. I certainly always feel better after a walk. Well done for staying so motivated. You should be proud of yourself.