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Top 5 Reads for Year 5 Pupils

Concerned about getting the right sort of book for your Year 5 child?  If you're thinking of purchasing an easy Christmas gift, look no further than the Top 5 Reading list.

The Victorians

What an amazing half term we've had. The children have been blown away by Michael Morpurgos' Kensuke's Kingdom, creating some fantastic stories, poems, character descriptions and news reports. 

After the holidays we're stepping back in time to The Victorian Era, where the pupils will become historians- delving into the past to learn about their present. Have a fabulous half term holiday and I look forward to seeing you in November. 

Amazing Homework Projects

I'm so proud of Year 5 and their amazing homework projects. Look how glorious they are! Thank you to all the parents for all the support that you've shown at home. 

Welcome Back!

 Welcome to Year 5. Our first topic starts with a whirl as Micheal is shipwrecked! What will he do? How will he survive?


Sharing Spanish - La Oruga Muy Hambrienta!

During recent Spanish sessions, Year 5 created their own versions of The Very Hungry Caterpillar (La Oruga Muy Habrienta).  Their Spanish books were designed with the younger children in mind and included colourful drawings with tactile front covers.  Year 5 were delighted to be able to visit Nursery, Reception and Year 1 to share their completed books and the feeling was mutual!  The younger children, some of them siblings of Year 5, were amazed by the books; they were absolutely enthralled by Year 5's story-telling!  What fantastic role models Year 5 are!  Well done everyone!  Mrs Blomele

River Studies Trip to Park Bridge!

It was such a perfect summer's day for Year 5's visit to Park Bridge!  The weather was beautiful and the class were able to see for themselves some of the parts of a river they had been learning about in class.   We saw an example of a meander, a weir and a culvert (a structure that allows water to flow under a road).   We also found lots of plants around the river and evidence of different types of seed dispersal.  In our afternoon activity, that actually took place IN the river, the children found some interesting mini-beasts as well as timing the speed of the river flow.

Health, Well-being and Music with Manchester Camerata!

On Friday, Year 5 were treated to a visit by members from Manchester Camerata!  They have been described as "Probably Britain's most adventurous orchestra" so it was a real privilege to work alongside these practitioners.  Based on the important issue of health and well-being, the children were enouraged to learn through music, using their literacy skills and creativity.  Year 5 focused on the consequences of not getting enough sleep; they wrote and performed new verses to the "Sleep Song", as well as learning some facts and useful tips on how to get a good night's sleep! 

Sport and Geography Week!

What an amazing week we all had!  Year 5 enjoyed the many different sporting activities on offer, combined with learning geographical facts about Germany, their chosen country from the FIFA World Cup squad.  We started each day with Wake Up, Shape Up and activities during the week included skipping, orienteering, fitness circuit, cross country, Zumba and dance.  The week ended with the Playground Soccer Challenge on Friday which was great fun and for such a worthy cause.  Thank you for all your kind donations to Soccer Aid.

Spanish Fun!

Year 5 had a fabulous two days of Spanish before they finished for the May half term holiday.  They investigated Mexico, the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, and created Mexican flags, Maracas and some beautifully coloured "Day of the Dead" masks.  They enjoyed learning Flamenco moves, playing their favourite game Policia, Policia and, a big favourite, making delicious Guacamole!  Thank you Senora Buckley!