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Model Making in Year 5 !

This term Year 5 have massively improved their knowledge of the countries in Europe together with their capital cities, flags and famous landmarks.  All the class enjoyed  D & T sessions where they sketched, planned and built  some impressive models of landmarks around Europe.

Year 5 Explore Europe!

Year 5 are enjoying their new topic - EXPLORING EUROPE!  For their homework task they spoke to members of their family about countries they have visited within Europe.  The result?  Some fantastic presentations together with photographs and items of interest from lots of different countries.  During the presentations the children used excellent speaking and listening skills and we have all learnt new facts about Europe.  For instance, Jessica told us all about the story of Nando's cockerel from Portugal.

Year 5 go to University!

On Thursday 20th November five children from Year 5 were invited to Manchester University as part of a Primary Awareness procect.  Along with children from five other Dukinfield schools they met Student Ambassadors who gave the children a tour of the campus and spoke about some of the courses available.  In the afternoon the children visited the Pharmacy department and used pestle and mortars to make tablets!  It was a fantastic day and all of the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

Year 5's Woodland Week

Woodlands Week was a great success in Year 5.  We were able to use the school's new microscopes to study leaves.  The children were fascinated when Mrs Anson found galls on leaves which will eventually hatch into wasps.  They also discovered some black spots (tar spots) on some of the sycamore leaves.  We now know that this is evidence of there being little pollution in the air surrounding our school!   Another favourite activity was our Woodlands Art; the children brought in some interesting stems, leaves and flower heads to creatre some beautiful artwork on the school field.

Welcome to Year 5

Step back in time to the Victorian Era with the Year 5 children and Mrs Blomeley. Who will they be learning about this half term?

Autumn Term 2

In this half term our topic was Spies. This topic lead to many exciting literacy and drama opportunities. We held a Spy Day which was thoroughly enjoyed by all of the children and staff. This is an example of a recount of Year 5's Spy Day! Year 5's first topic this term is Work and Play in Victorian Times. We have started to study a painting called "Work" by Ford Madox Brown that gives an insight into Victorian society. We have also started to talk about the different jobs children did in Victorian times and have all written a diary empathising with a poor child from the Workhouse.


In gymnastics we have been learning about counter tensions and counter balances. Take a look at our pictures!

Spring Term 1

During this half term our theme was Weddings. Along with the endless ideas for art and design there were plenty of opportunities to cover a wide variety of writing genres. We learnt about weddings from different cultures and even had our own traditional wedding! The children really enjoyed planning and carrying out their traditional wedding!

Creative Maths Week

Year 5 worked with Sean from Nationwide on saving money. They talked about what sort of things they would save for and how to save the money.

Year 5 enjoyed making woven plates. They had to make repeated patterns with the willow to create their plates.