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Year 5 had a fanatstic day yesterday during Bikeability. They all passed level one and two, ensuring that they're safe to go onto the roads. 

Skipping Day

All the children from Nursery through to Year 6 had the pleasure of Anthony the Skipping Coach showing us how to skip properly. What was an amazing day concluded with an assembly and the school has also purchased class size packs of skipping ropes so we can continue to be active and master our skipping skills. 

Rounders Training

The Year 5 and 6 Girls enjoying the break in the weather to hone their bowling, batting and fielding skills. Bring on the competition in a few weeks time. 

Boxing Masterclass

Well, Years 5 and 6 were well and truly put through their paces by Danny and Jack from the Little Rocky's Boxing Team. All the pupls and staff learnt how to jab, punch straight, one-two combo, upper-cut, dodge-and-move, as well as being put through our paces with burpees, bear crawls, a skipping test and even an arm-wrestle!

Amazing Anglo Saxons

What a fantastic start to our final term in Y5 we've had with the start of our Anglo Saxon topic. Look out for our newsletter where you'll be able to read all about the fabulous things we'll be learning. Ask your child about their scale drawings of an Anglo Saxon village; about their Anglo Saxon quest story and their map skills related to the Anglo Saxon invasions of the British Isles. 

The force to mountaineer!

Year 5 are starting the summer term off with the new topics of Rivers and Mountains and Forces. We are looking forward to investigating and discovering all the aspects of Mountains and Rivers and the relavent Forces that are present. What an exciting half term it will be.

Andy Tooze

What a fabulous visit we had today from Andy Tooze. The pupils were very enthused about writing their 20 word poems. 

Exploring Europe

Year 5 are madly researching their European country of choice. They have been llearning so many facts about its population, sites of interest and traditions. Please ask them what they've managed to find out and we look forward to sharing  their brochures with you.