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Leadership training

Today, Year 5 were training to be play leaders. They worked in teams to learn different games and activities that they can play with the younger children using the SMILES acronym:

S afety

M axiumum participation

I nclusive

L earning

E njoyment

S uccess


They then came back to class and discussed how they could change the game if some children could not get involved to make it as fun as possible for everyone.

Year 5-6 Girls Football

Well done to the Year 5-6 girls footballers who had an amazing tournament winning 2 of their 3 games. A special well done to Holly who got the respect school games badge.

Junior PCSO Tamside Staying Safe

What an enjoyable week we had last week working alongside our two Tameside's PSCO Officers. As part of our participation in the Tameside Staying Safe - Road Safety Arts Award, the children were able to take part in a hands on experience looking at road safety around traffic, during drop off and pick up times at school. Well done guys, you did a fab job! 


Today we continued our work the 'Sam' on our Arts Award and the children learnt how to do the running and back stitch. The children loved practicing their sewing skills. 

Birdman experience

On Tuesday 5th November we had a visit from the 'Birdman' Alan Ames. He brought in some amazing birds of prey and told us lots of interesting facts about how each one has adapted to be the perfect predator. 

Maths in the Workplace

On Friday morning, year 5 were lucky enough to have a special guest come in and talk to the children all about the importance of maths and how it will be useful to them in the future. 

A lady from HMRC was talking to children all about her job and the importance of taxes, who pays taxes and what the money is used for. She went over the importance of percentages.

They learnt a lot about maths in the workplace and many children were able to tell us how their parents use maths in their jobs.


During Maths Week England, each child from every class produced a piece of Maths related artwork.  The children really enjoyed being creative with Maths and the results were fantastic! On Thursday, the Hall was transformed into an Art Gallery for the children to visit. A selection of work was exhibited from each class which included shape garlands, shape rockets, symmetrical patterns, arrays, tessellations, optical illusions and geometric designs.  There were some interesting conversations in the "Gallery" where the children discussed their favourite works of art! 

Tameside Staying Safe Project

This half term year 5 will be taking part in a six week Tameside Staying Safe Project. The children have been working with artist Sam Hull on staying safe around traffic.

Last week, the children learnt the rules of crossing the road: using stop, look, listen. They then made some eye-catching signs to encourage pedestrians to stop, look and listen before crossing the road.

Outdoor Learning Day

All of the children had a great time during Outdoor Learning Day. The children in Year 3,4, 5 and 6 learnt a lot from the RSPB workshops. Year 1 and 2 produced some fantastic artwork from the leaves that they collected.  Well done everyone!