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The force to mountaineer!

Year 5 are starting the summer term off with the new topics of Rivers and Mountains and Forces. We are looking forward to investigating and discovering all the aspects of Mountains and Rivers and the relavent Forces that are present. What an exciting half term it will be.

Andy Tooze

What a fabulous visit we had today from Andy Tooze. The pupils were very enthused about writing their 20 word poems. 

Exploring Europe

Year 5 are madly researching their European country of choice. They have been llearning so many facts about its population, sites of interest and traditions. Please ask them what they've managed to find out and we look forward to sharing  their brochures with you. 

Spy Day!

We are having a Top Secret time in Year 5!  Today is Spy Day and every child has come dressed as a spy! We are so proud of the children, as they have spent lots of time planning and designing their Gadgets and this morning have enjoyed actually making them!  Thanks to all the grown-ups at home for joining in with the fun and helping to find some of the resources, ready for today, we really appreciate it and your children have had a great time making their fantastic Gadgets!

Ms McCoy's Favourite Childhood Book

When I was growing up many moons ago, I used to love to read adventure stories. My most favourite of those was I am David by Anne Holm. I think the story was so special to me because I received it as an award from school and as soon as I opened it, I was captivated by the adventure. I've even dug the book out of my bookcase so that my children's can enjoy it too. A fabulous read that it still avaible to buy today from any book sellers and if I remember rightly, it's even been made into a film. 

Year 5 Production

What an amazing family assembly Year 5 produced on Friday. They were outstanding. They didn't just write some of the script but performed it with loud clear voices, enthusiasm and joy. I was extremely proud. Well done Year 5.