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Year 5's Crumble Coding Wearable Tech Workshop!

Year 5 enjoyed their Crumble Coding workshop today!  Their aim was to make a piece of wearable tech to link to their rainforest topic.  They used coding to create algorithms to light different colours, for varying durations.  After all their hard work, they paraded their creations down a "catwalk", whilst explaining the purpose of their hats or belts.  The children had some fantastic ideas, ranging from warning that a dangerous animal is close, to sending out distress signals, as well as lighting up the forest floor to seek out rainforest animals.  Dom and Sue, the instructors, were amazed

Winter Reading

Over the holidays why not take part in the Winter Mini Challenge?

All you have to do is read at least 3 books between Wednesday 1st December and Sunday 16th January. Once you've read a book, add it to your website profile at and review it. Add 3 books (or more) to complete the Mini Winter challenge and become a Wild World Hero!

There's a brand new certificate and a limited edition virtual badge which can be won.

Christmas Jumpers, Santa Dash and Christmas Dinner for Year 5!

What a busy Friday we had!  All the class looked brilliant in their Christmas jumpers and hats!  The Santa Dash was great fun, closely followed by a delicious Christmas Dinner.  Thank you to our lunchtime staff for preparing our lunches and to Miss Mainprize for arranging the Santa Dash!  It is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  Mrs Blomeley

Awards in Year 5 !

Fantastic work, amazing handwriting, being kind and helpful to others and being Ready Respectful and Safe!  Well done to the award winners in Year 5 this week!  Mrs Blomeley

Christmas Fair Fun in Year 5!

A movie and popcorn, followed by a Chocolate Tombola and Lucky Dip, with a chance to win the Christmas Sloth by guessing his name, meant Year 5 enjoyed their Pyjama Afternoon on Friday to celebrate the school Christmas Fair!  Thank you to the PTFA and all parents for their donations.  The children had a great time!  Mrs Blomeley

Spy Day in Year 5!

Spy Day finally arrived in Year 5 and the class came to school disguised in their amazing spy outfits! They looked brilliant!  The morning was spent finding clues, cracking codes, practising spy moves, such as the "brush past", and making the spy gadgets that they'd designed.  Add to this some invisible writing and watching the film of their class text "Stormbreaker",  an action packed and fun day was had by all!   Well done Year 5!  Mrs Blomeley (aka Agent Blomovich!)

Suspicious events in Year 5!

It all started when a suspicious looking briefcase was delivered to Year 5!  It contained a variety of objects and a coded letter.  Year 5, who had learnt how to use a Cipher Wheel, were able to decipher the message and the mission began.  They had just three weeks to investigate who was the Secret Agent in Key Stage 2 ........