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Marvellous Maths

All of the children in Year 4 have been working very hard this half term to learn their multiplication tables. They have thoroughly enjoyed knowing, learning and applying their time tables facts to fractions and divsion calculations. What an important skill this is, keep up all the hard work Year 4.

Robots alive!

CCTV has caught some robots breaking into a robot factory!!! Year 4 have been writing newspaper articles lnks to robots and solving maths problems involving numbers linked to the robot factory.


This Blog entry has been written by Lucy, Year 4.

Our topic is about robots. Our creative homework has involved making our own robot and writing about it.  We have also been bringing in our toy robots from home. We are aiming to do an I-motion video with movable parts.   

Marvellous Magic

What a fantastic Magic Show the children put on for their parents and carers today! With gasps of surprise, many magic tricks and cheers all round- the children, regardless of feeling nervous, put on a brilliant show. Well done Year 4!

Drama in Year 4

Learning about narrative stories and reading The Snow Spider inspired Year 4 to create their own drama.

Children acted out a scene from an everyday setting such as a school, a playground and an arcade.  They then wrote about this scene as a setting for their story. 


The Happy Puzzle Company

Year 4 had a brilliant maths week! On Thursday, The Happy Puzzle Company came into school and the children had to use logic and reasoning to solve problems.

Year 4 Maths activities

What a fabulous maths week in Year 4 we had! We investigated whether the children were Leonardo di Vinci's Vitruvian Man, cracked codes and tried to solve Fibonacci's sequence.