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Bradley's Favourite Frog!

Bradley enjoyed watching the "Frog Friday" video link with Manchester Museum last week.  He has done a great factfile about the Red Eyed Tree Frog and drawn a fantastic picture too!  Well done Bradley!  This week the task is to see if you can identify birds by their sounds!   Listen out for the song of the blackbird that sometimes visits our playground!  Mrs Blomeley 

Year 4 Home Learning for week commencing 11th May

I hope you all had a fantastic day last Friday, celebrating VE Day! Here is the Home Learning grid for this week.  Please click "read more" to access the grid and the other documents to help you with your activities.  Please continue to send me your work - it is a pleasure to see and I am very proud of you all for coping so well in these difficult times.  Mrs Blomeley

VE Day Art Challenge


Thank you for complementing our VE Day Art Challenge and designing a poster to thank our heroes past and present.  I love your posters and I’m very impressed by your creativity!


Big WELL DONE to Evie in Year 2, Laura in Year 4, Sophie and Brooke in Year 4, Matthew in Year 1 and Freya Year 5, Tilly in Year 4 and Finlay in Year 6, Luca in Year 6, Chloe Year 6, Elissa and Leeson in Year 6.


Scarlett's Science and Maths!

Scarlett has done an amazing Frog Fact File!  She has been watching the Frog Friday clip from Manchester Museum and chosen the Yellow-banded Poisonous Dart frog to research.  Very interesting Scarlett - I hope there are none of these in Dukinfield!  Scarlett has also been working hard on her White Rose Maths. Brilliant home learning - well done!  Mrs Blomeley

Connor's Observation Skills!

 Connor has been using his scientific enquiry skills of observing over time.  He has observed that his dahlia seeds, that he planted during the Easter holidays, are growing every day!   Connor has also been working hard multiplying 3 digit numbers by 1 digit, using counters.  His mum had a great idea to use an exchange shop!   Fantastic work Connor!  Mrs Blomeley