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Harley's Home Learning!


 Harley has had a busy week.  He's been on some lovely walks with his family, done PE with Joe and completed his school work on the laptop.  Great work Harley!  Lovely photographs - thank you for sharing them with us!  Mrs Blomeley

Darcy's Bees in Remembrance of Manchester Bombing

  Darcy and her dad have been getting artistic in memory of the Manchester Arena bombing, which happened three years ago today. Pictures of bees have started to appear alongside pictures of rainbows across Greater Manchester to remember the 22 angels who lost their lives.  You have done a fantastic job Darcy - such a lovely idea to mark this anniversary.  Mrs Blomeley



Scarlett's Rainbow Adventure!

Scarlett has written a great adventure story from the writing task on this week's Home Learning grid, after watching the "Taking Flight" clip.  I love your "mixed up Rainbow" idea Scarlett and well done for using inverted commas in the right places!  Excellent writing and a lovely picture too!  Mrs Blomeley

Tilly's Taste of Freedom!

Tilly had her first taste of freedom since lockdown last week!  She loves Starbucks and her mum took her for a drive so she could get her favourite drink that she's been craving since lockdown - a Skinny Decaf Iced Latte with a shot of caramel!  Mmmmmm!   She has also been going for walks along the canal recently and took photographs of the baby ducklings (which she wanted to take home!)  Lovely photographs Tilly.  Thank you for sharing them.  Mrs Blomeley