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Creature Creations!

What fun Year 4 had creating some newly discovered creatures!  After learning about unexplained creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Yeti, we decided to create our own mysterious animals.  Ranging from fish to reptiles, some even a mixture of two animal types, Year 4 designed their models and planned how to make them.  They then spent a whole morning cutting, sticking and painting them.  Here are some of the results!  It was a great end to our "It's A Mystery" topic - fantastic work which was enjoyed by everyone!  Mrs Blomeley

Mrs Blomeley's favourite children's books!

When I was a child my favourite author was Enid Blyton and, in particular, I loved to read her Famous Five books.  My sister and I created a "library" in our shed with a bookcase full of Enid Blyton's books, including the Malory Towers series, the Secret Seven and many more.  How I loved to escape into the world of adventure, wishing that I could be part of a secret group or even attend a boarding school!  It sounded such fun!  Enid Blyton certainly inspired my love of reading, mystery and adventure.  She was one of the most successful children's storytellers of the 20th c

It's A Mystery!

Year 4 are enjoying our current topic - It's a Mystery!  Our journey began when we used torches in our darkened classroom to recreate the conditions of a dark cellar and the discovery of a set of long forgotten images that had been left with a publisher; all with a title and a suggestive caption.   The Mysteries of Harris Burdick is a fascinating and unusual book which is providing endlesss opportunities for creative writing.  The children are also intrigued by our investigations into unexplained phenomena such as The Bermuda Triangle and the Loch Ness Monster.  Mrs Blomeley

Fundraising fun and super success!

As part of Year 4's topic - Christmas around the World - they wanted to help children who are not so fortunate as they are.  All of the class, helped by Mrs Anson, made delicious Peppermint Creams to sell at the Christmas Fair.  Some children even brought other homemade items in to sell on their fundraising stall!   Most of the children then helped on the stall where they displayed fantastic confidence and communication skills.  They raised almost £100 and chose to spend this on some life saving and life changing items via UNICEF.  An amazing team effort - Well done! Mrs Blomeley

Fairy Tale Week!

Year 4 began Fairy Tale Week by making a list of as many Fairy Tales they could think of!  They found so many and then had the opportunity to read some of them in the Library and in the classroom.  We all enjoyed reading Anthony Browne's version of Hansel and Gretel during the week and finding some of the visual clues within the illustrations.  The week ended with a dressing up day, with characters from Snow White, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk!  Year 4 have started to write their own versions of Hansel and Gretel, with a twist to the ending!  Watch this spac

States of Matter!

Year 4 are enjoying their current science topic - States of Matter.  So far they have had discussions about the different properties of solids and liquids and investigated which factors make ice melt, using equipment such as thermometers and rulers to record their findings.  Mrs Blomeley

Christmas around the World!

Year 4 have been busy researching how people celebrate Christmas around the world!  They presented some fantastic, creative projects about different countries and shared their presentations with the class.  We all learnt some interesting and unusual facts from these projects.  For example, on New Year's Day in Iceland, people believe that cows can talk!  In Belgium, if children have been bad, Father Christmas will put them in a sack and send them to Spain!  We were also treated to a presentation about Christmas in Poland from Miss Laitl.  Mrs Blomeley

Spanish with Year 4

Year 4 came to share their stories they had written in Spanish with us. We loved it! They were absolutely fantastic!

Operation Christmas Child

To kickstart Year 4's new topic - CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD - we decided to donate a shoebox to Operation Christmas Child.  The class donated items for a girl which included musical instruments, a Unicorn t-shirt, a stationery set, a hairbrush.