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Challenge Me Hula Hooping Event

Last week, the whole school took part in the Challenge Me Hula Hooping event. EYFS had to hula hoop for 2 minutes, KS1 for 4 minutes and KS2 for 6 minutes without stopping! This was to try to improve our stamina. We had lots of fun and all got stickers for taking part.

Can you explain the unexplained?

Year 4 are enjoying our current topic - It's a Mystery!  Our journey began when we used torches in our darkened classroom to recreate the conditions of a dark cellar and the discovery of a set of long forgotten images that had been left with a publisher; all with a title and a suggestive caption.

Creating public artwork in Key Stage 2!

We were delighted to be asked to work with sculptor Michael Condron again!   Michael  last worked with some of our pupils back in 2016 when he was commissioned to create a sculpture for the new Ashton Interchange, which is now nearing completion.  On Friday, pupils from Key Stage 2 created some designs based on 'Journeys' to be included in the final artwork.  Twelve children drew their designs before scratching them onto plaster disks.  Michael will fire glass onto the plaster disks in his kiln so their designs will be moulded into the coloured glass circles that will form part of the publi

Christmas Party Fun!

Year 4's Christmas Party began with dancing, playing statues, corners and pass the parcel!  Then it was time for party food, gratefully received from parents, Christmas music and joke telling! It was a lovely atmosphere in Year 4 and a wonderful time was had by all!  Merry Christmas!   Mrs Blomeley

Fundraising for UNICEF!

As part of their topic - Christmas around the World - Year 4 wanted to help children who are not so fortunate as they are.  They used their maths skills to see just what they could buy to help them from the UNICEF site "Inspired Gifts".  All of the class, helped by Mrs Gething, enjoyed making delicious Peppermint Creams to sell to children at school.

Christmas around the World!

Year 4 created some fantastic homework projects when they were given the task of researching how people celebrate Christmas around the world!  They shared their presentations with the class and we all learnt some interesting and unusual facts.

Birdman experience

On Tuesday 5th November we had a visit from the 'Birdman' Alan Ames. He brought in some amazing birds of prey and told us lots of interesting facts about how each one has adapted to be the perfect predator. 

MATHS WEEK ENGLAND! Maths in the Workplace!

Year 4 welcomed another visitor to the classroom last week to talk about Maths in the Workplace!  The children enjoyed Mr Kay's presentation which highlighted all of the different ways he uses Maths in his job, and how important it isto learn Maths in school.  Many of the children had discussed Maths in the Workplace with their families and they confidently shared their knowledge with their peers.  They highlighted how Maths is important to a wide range of jobs such as electricians, policemen, teachers, podiatrists and farriers!  Thank you everyone!  Mrs Blomeley


During Maths Week England, each child from every class produced a piece of Maths related artwork.  The children really enjoyed being creative with Maths and the results were fantastic! On Thursday, the Hall was transformed into an Art Gallery for the children to visit. A selection of work was exhibited from each class which included shape garlands, shape rockets, symmetrical patterns, arrays, tessellations, optical illusions and geometric designs.  There were some interesting conversations in the "Gallery" where the children discussed their favourite works of art! 

MATHS WEEK ENGLAND! - Maths in the Workplace!

Year 4 had a great start to Maths Week England with a visitor to discuss Maths in the Workplace!  Jackie, who is an accountant, discussed how she uses many different aspects of Maths in her job such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals and percentages!  In child friendly language, Jackie compared budgets to pocket money and included time zones and currency when she talked about the Charity she works for that helps underdeveloped countries around the world.  Jackie ended her visit by showing the children many of the artefacts she has purchased from differen