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Year 4's Happy Healthy Smiles!

To bring their Teeth & Digestion Science topic to a close, Year 4 welcomed Alisha, a Dental Hygiene Technician, into the class yesterday!  She demonstrated the correct way to brush your teeth, with a little help from some children!  She also talked about the importance of eating healthy food to keep your teeth in good condition.  Alisha was so impressed with Year 4's knowledge and the sensible questions they asked.  Well done Year 4!  You made me very proud! Mrs Blomeley

Year 4's EGGceptional Creations!

Year 4's Egg Creations for the Easter Competition were just "EGGceptional"!  We were so impressed with their entries it was EGGstremely difficult to choose the winners!  Well done to everyone for their time and effort.  Mrs Blomeley

Times Table of the Week!

It's back!  By popular demand we are re-starting Times Table of the Week!  Every Monday we will choose two new times table facts (one for Key Stage 1 and one for Key Stage 2).  These facts will be displayed in every classroom and in key areas around the school.  Teachers and other staff will ask children about the initial fact, as well as all the other facts they can derive from it.  For example, if 2 x 19 = 18, what is 18 divided by 2?  We hope that parents can get involved too!  Thank you for your support!  Mrs Blomeley

Year 4's Terrific Tudors!

Year 4 have been enjoying Hot Seating and Freeze Framing, leading up to writing and performing their Tudor play scripts!  They've been creating settings and dressing in Tudor costumes, as well as presenting their incredible Tudor houses!  Brilliant work Year 4!  Mrs Blomeley

Easter Week- a time for reflection

Last week, children and staff at Broadbent Fold took time to reflect on it being a year since the start of Covid and the first lockdown.

Easter for many is the most important time of year, a time to reflect on the Easter story and importance of hope.

Have a look at the muddychurch website, attached are some examples, the social media/website has a range of enjoyable activities to make children and adults reflect and think. Share your activities on Seesaw for class teachers to see.

Handwriting winners spring 2

Congratulations to our whole school handwriting winners in Spring 2:

Nursery- Aliza

Reception- Ella

Year 1- Mia

Year 2- Alyssia

Year 3- Lucy

Year 4- Heidi

Year 5- Ava 

Year 6 - Freya

We are using a new scheme in school called 'Letterjoin'. All of these children have impressed their teachers! Their magnificent work has been displayed on our writing display near Mrs Parker's office.

Year 4's Digestion Dilemma!

Year 4 had a lot of fun learning about parts of the Digestion System!  They enjoyed drawing the outline of the bodies, then placing the body parts in the right places!  Some were easy but others were tricky!  Well done Year 4 - you are super scientists!  Mrs Blomeley

Year 4's Certificate Celebrations!

Year 4 have been working so hard since they came back to school!  On Friday, every single person in the class received a certificate, whether it be for the Merits of the Week, their Bronze award or even Silver award!  Earlier in the week, we also had medal winners from the Bingo challenge cards!   Well done to everyone - you are all super stars!  Mrs Blomeley

Year 4's British Science Week Innovations!

Year 4 enjoyed British Science Week and the challenge of designing something innovative for the classroom!  They also created some brilliant artwork in their designs for "teaching in the past, during lockdown and teaching in he future".  It was difficult to choose winners from the fantastic entries!  Well done Year 4 - we have some budding inventors i our class!  Mrs Blomeley

Pupil Leaders Back in Action!

Back to school meant back in action for the Pupil Leadership Team!   Their first task was to help their classes create a "wish list" of books for their own reading areas and the library.  Then they attended  an important  meeting to discuss some exciting events happening soon!  New fitness equipment,that was chosen by last year's Pupil Leaders  for the KS2 playground is on its way!  There will be a grand opening in the next few weeks!  They also discussed fundraising ideas to help raise money to improve the EYFS Playground.  Ideas such as dress up days and Covid safe sales were discussed.