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Today in P.E we did Yoga. We did a shark activity where sharks had to catch us before we got to a mat and stood in our tree position. We also lay down in silence with our eyes closed and listened to a story about a Ladybird. The ladybird sometimes landed on your body, it was very relaxing. I really liked the shark game because it was really fun and active. We enjoy team games!By Leeson and Ava (Year 3)

Flying back in time to The Stone Age

We have been very busy this week creating our own Stone Age cave and Stonehenge paintings!  For this, we researched actual paintings found in caves and chose our favorite designs.  Using our designs, we painted our cave art on to our rough surface using a variety of Stone Age methods!  Some of us used our fingers, whilst some of us used a thin stick brush.  We think our artwork is amazing!

The Amazing Amazon

This half term, we are exploring the Amazing Amazon Rainforest. We have started the term by decorating our classroom with leaves, tree vines and Amazon animals bringing the jungle to Year 3's classroom. In English, we have researched Amazon animals and explored and wrote our own poems in the style of Paul Hess. We have begun reading and exploring 'How the Crocodile got his bumpy back', and How the Rhinoceros got his skin'. Next week, we will begin planning and writing our own 'How the' stories.

Coming towards the end of 2016...

What a jam packed half term! We have been very busy this half term writing our own spooky stories, learning how to use speech marks and researching and creating a fact file about Modest Mussorgsky. We have been practising our typing skills and using a variety of punctuation in our writing. In Topic, we have been using atlas's to locate mountains, exploring with paint and creating mood art to a night on bare mountain. In Maths have been learning our division and multiplication facts for our 3, 4 and 8 times table and using rulers and scales to explore different types of measure.

A Night on Bare Mountain

This half term, we learning about A Night on Bare Moutain composed by Modest Mussorgsky off the film Fantasia. In English, we have been exploring nouns, adjectives, adverbs and have been creating our own spooky compound sentences. In Topic, we have begun researching facts about the composer. Our new  Science topic is Humans and Animal Bodies. We have begun the topic by exploring what we need to survive if we were stuck on a island in the middle of the sea. I can't wait to write my own spooky narrative. By Aidan and Jacob

A Flying Start!

In Mathis this half term, we have been practising partitioning. My favourite part of Maths has been adding using partitioning. In English, we have been writing letters to Iza Jayer in the Artic Circle because he needed our help to win a hot air balloon competition to England but he wasn't very good at reading and writing. My favourite part of English this half term has been writing instructions about how to make a hot air balloon.  Are favourite experiement in Science was seeing how different material can affect how fast an object travels.

First Aid Training

Today, we did First Aid training with St John's ambulance. We learnt how to deal with cuts and how to put a badage on. We learnt that if someone is unconsious and they are bleeding, how to stop the bleeding. We need to use a jumper or a coat, NOT our hands. If someone is found unconsious we need to remember to follow: DRSABC. We really enjoyed it and would love to do some more first aid training!

Flying High

Welcome to Year 3 with Miss Lewis! We have some fantastic activities planned for the year ahead within our half-termly creative topics and the children will have the opportunity to take part in some exciting workshops/trips during the Year. Autumn term 2016 will begin with an interesting, fun packed topic "Flying High" where the children we will be writing letters to a mystery pen pal that wants our help. We have also dived straight into our papier mache hot air balloon making. Stay tuned for some more messy moments…

World War II

Next half term our topic is World War II. During our English lessons we will be writing a diary about life as an evacuee, creating persuasive posters and making ration booklets. In topic we will be making gas masks, gas mask boxes, identity cards, learning out life as an evacuee, rationing, how and why the war began and the blitz. We have also got our exciting trip to Stockport Air Raid shelters to look forward too!