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Football Super Stars!

Year 2 have been working hard this morning on their football skills. They have impressed Jess from Manchester United Foundation with their team work and movement skills. Well done Year 2!

Twinkle, Twinkle

Year 2 have written amazing poems about the missing star! They used Twinkle, Twinkle for inspiration and then thought of some lovely adjectives to describe the star. We have created a Space display in our classroom with all of the fantastic poems and super space paintings.

Welcome to Year 2 - The Star Hunt!

Year 2 have been enjoying their new Space topic. We heard a report that a star had fallen in Dukinfield so we went to investigate. The children found a possible landing site on the school field and have been busy writing newspaper reports!


Year 2 are really enjoying their new superheroes topic.  We have recieved some missions from S.H.I.E.L.D. and they have asked us to create some brand new superheroes for their mission squad.  Year 2 have been very creative and have designed some excellent superheroes!  We have also had a few superheroes come into the classroom from home, they are taking over the classroom!

World Book Day 2015!

Last week we celebrated World Book Day and we had a lovely time sharing books together.  The outfits were amazing!  Luke was our class winner as Fantastic Mr Fox but everyone looked fantastic really.  Well done to everyone and a big thank you for all of your support.  A special thank you to the lovely Grandparents that came into our class and shared stories with us as well.

Wombat Stew!

We have been reading an Australian story called Wombat Stew! We decided to make our own Wombat Stew outside with ingedients from the book such as mud, twigs, leaves and stones.  We had lots of fun acting out the story and singing along whilst we made the stew.


Year 2 have been really enjoying their Australia topic.  We have taken a quick trip to Australia and explored the local environment.  We've been finding out so much about the fantastic animals that live there.


Our topic for this half term is Pirates! It's going to be very exciting as we try to uncover a pirate mystery and maybe even become pirates ourselves!

Fire service visit!

Year 2 had a visit from the fire service today, it was very exciting! The firemen talked to us about how fire fighting has changed since the great fire of London and showed us what they wear to protect themselves.  We then explored the fire truck and everyone had a turn firing the hose!