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Sports Day

Wow, what a super afternoon KS1 have had! We have participated in our Sports Day today and had the most fun, all whilst managing to escape the rain! All of us joined in with lots of races including running, hurdles and even an obstacle course. All of the children showed their super attitudes towards sports by following the school's sports qualities; honesty, determination, self-belief, respect and teamwork. Well done Key Stage One!

Skipping Day

All the children from Nursery through to Year 6 had the pleasure of Anthony the Skipping Coach showing us how to skip properly. What was an amazing day concluded with an assembly and the school has also purchased class size packs of skipping ropes so we can continue to be active and master our skipping skills. 

Punch and Judy

In Year 2 this week we've been learning about Punch and Judy. This used to be a traditional seaside entertainment. We got into groups and performed our own versions to the rest of the class. Then the next day we wrote out our own scripts in our English books.

Money, money and more money!

In Year 2 we've made a great start to our final half term. In Maths we have been exploring more about money. We set up shop in the classroom and role-played being customers in the shop, finding items to buy. We had to add up the amounts, find the correct amount of money and pass it to the shop keepers. Some people even managed to work out the change.

We have been looking at different methods of how to work out change and will go on to explore budgeting spending money on a holiday (linked to our seaside topic). 

Teleporter man

We've been doing some songwriting in Year 2! Based on our topic of superheroes we made a superhero song. We all came up with lots of different ideas and words that rhyme then wrote a song all about 'Teleporter Man'. We even performed the song outside on the field to Year 1 who were very impressed. 

Creating superheroes

In Year 2 we've been exploring our topic superheroes out in the sunshine! We got into groups and found what we could to create our own superhero, deciding what power they would have and what they would be called. Back in the classroom we used this as inspiration to write a description of our superhero in our writing books.

A trip to Bury Fire Safety Centre

We had such a wonderful time visiting the Greater Manchester Training and Safety Centre in Bury. In class we have been learning all about superheroes and firefighters are real life superheroes who put their lives at risk to help us every day.

Superhero potions

This term our topic in Year 2 is Superheroes! We are learning about real life superheroes like Florence Nightingale as well as nurses, firefighters, doctors and people who make a difference today.