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World Book Day

Year 1 have loved celebrating World Book Day today! The children came in looking absolutely fabulous and they were so excited to share their wonderful costumes with their peers. We started the day by visiting our school library. The children had the opportunity to explore the books and share them with a friend. We then read one of our 'Top 5' books; Hello, Monster! We have shared lots of stories today using puppets and music and the children have also had the opportunity to participate in a range of World Book Day activities. We have loved focusing on reading for the day!

Shrove Tuesday

Year One have loved celebrating Shrove Tuesday this week! We have used the special day to give us a purpose for writing by ordering and writing instructions for 'How to make pancakes'. Miss Wright then brought pancakes in for us to eat! We added our favourite toppings before diving in and using adjectives to describe how they feel and taste. We used some fantastic vocabulary such as sweet, soft, squishy, delicious and scrumptious!

Vincent Van Gogh

To start off our new topic, 'How does your garden grow?', we read a story called Camille and the Sunflowers. The story was all about a little boy who had the most wonderful time watching and admiring an artist named Vincent. Together, we did a little research about Vincent and found out that he is a very famous artist! 

Polar Regions Topic

Year 1 are so sad to come to the end of their topic; Polar Regions. What a wonderful time we have had learning about the Arctic and Antarctica! During this half term, we have learnt about the extreme weather in the polar regions, the people and animals who live there, how they survive and what we can do to help to keep their home in the Polar Regions. 

Merry Christmas!

Well, Year 1 have had a wonderful half term. We have had a topic focus of 'Where are the wild things' and we have been learning all about different wild animals and creatures. Throughout the half term, the children have read stories such as 'Wild' and 'The Bog Baby' and together we have discussed beautiful illustrations and settings and focused on creative and imaginative vocabulary. The children particularly enjoyed going on a Bog Baby hunt and solving clues to find him all around school.

KS1 Christmas Party

Well, Year 1 and 2 had the most wonderful day yesterday. We had the opportunity to get all dressed up into our beautiful party clothes and boogie the afternoon away! We all went into the hall and showed our fantastic dancing skills and played lots of party games too. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door and when we turned around, we saw that it was Santa! All of the children had the opportunity to meet Father Christmas and were given a very special present. After all of that excitement, we all went back to class and had some delicious party food.

Christmas Jumper Day

Year One have had such a wonderful day today! We shared our fantastic Christmas jumpers with one another before designing and making our own party hats ready for our Christmas lunch. We listened to music and got ourselves into the Christmas spirit as we ate our turkey roast. 

Commando Jon

Year One and Year Two had a super exciting surprise on Monday afternoon. Commando Jon brought in an inflatable for all of the children to use as a special treat towards the end of the half term. The children had to assess the risks in their environment and use the equipment safely. The children really impressed the adults by communcating effectively and being safe, all in addition to having lots of fun!

Bog Baby Surprise

Well, what a surprise Year 1 have had this week! We came into the classroom to find a very strange looking creature inside a jar. Miss Wright told us that she recognised the creature, it was from a story called 'The Bog Baby'. We read the story and learnt about two little girls who went fishing in a forest before coming across this strange creature that was as soft as jelly. The story told us of how the girls took the creature home in a jar. They fed him cake crumbs, they took him for walks on a lead and made a lovely home for him in a bucket. But before long, he became sick.

Signs of Autumn

Year One have been learning all about autumn. We have watched a video that showed all of the wonderful things that happen during this season and discussed how the weather will begin to change as we move into winter. After lots of disucssion about the signs of autumn, we decided to go on an autumn walk. We went onto the field and looked around our environment to find any signs of autumn and discovered that the leaves had changed colour and lots had fallen from the trees. We went to find an autumn leaf and brought it back to the classroom.