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Birdman experience

On Tuesday 5th November we had a visit from the 'Birdman' Alan Ames. He brought in some amazing birds of prey and told us lots of interesting facts about how each one has adapted to be the perfect predator. 


During Maths Week England, each child from every class produced a piece of Maths related artwork.  The children really enjoyed being creative with Maths and the results were fantastic! On Thursday, the Hall was transformed into an Art Gallery for the children to visit. A selection of work was exhibited from each class which included shape garlands, shape rockets, symmetrical patterns, arrays, tessellations, optical illusions and geometric designs.  There were some interesting conversations in the "Gallery" where the children discussed their favourite works of art! 

Outdoor Learning Day

All of the children had a great time during Outdoor Learning Day. The children in Year 3,4, 5 and 6 learnt a lot from the RSPB workshops. Year 1 and 2 produced some fantastic artwork from the leaves that they collected.  Well done everyone!

Sports Day

Wow, what a super afternoon KS1 have had! We have participated in our Sports Day today and had the most fun, all whilst managing to escape the rain! All of us joined in with lots of races including running, hurdles and even an obstacle course. All of the children showed their super attitudes towards sports by following the school's sports qualities; honesty, determination, self-belief, respect and teamwork. Well done Key Stage One!

Maraca Making

As part of our Sport's Week, each class has been assigned a country to follow in the Cricket World Cup. In Year 1, we have been following and learning about the West Indies. As part of our learning about the Caribbean countries, we explored different musical instruments and decided to make our own Caribbean maracas. We designed a band for our instrument using a range of shapes, colours and patterns before sticking it onto our bottle and filling with a range of materials to make a variety of sounds.

Our Cracking Time at Crocky Trail

What a fantastic time we have had on our school trip to Crocky Trail! We took risks, supported and encouraged one another, tried new things and showed resilience throughout the whole day. The children had so much fun exploring the trail and being adventurous on the rides and their behaviour was incredible. Here are some photographs of our exciting day... 

Skipping Day

All the children from Nursery through to Year 6 had the pleasure of Anthony the Skipping Coach showing us how to skip properly. What was an amazing day concluded with an assembly and the school has also purchased class size packs of skipping ropes so we can continue to be active and master our skipping skills. 

Fossil Making

As an exciting way of finishing off our topic of 'Think Big' we decided to make our own fossils. The children mixed the saltdough ingredients before kneeding their dough to the perfect consistency. The children then used a range of different dinosaurs to imprint onto their dough before we baked them in the oven to create our own fossils! It was great to hear the children using all of the new vocabulary they have learnt this half term as they completed the topic. Well done for all of your hard work during Summer 1 Year 1! 

Fossil Preparation

Our topic for this half term is 'Think Big' and we have been learning all about dinosaurs. Whilst researching about dinosaurs, we came across a lady called Mary Anning. We have learnt all about Mary and how she is a famous fossil hunter who lived over 200 years ago. We decided that we wanted to have a go at being paleontologists so we used cookies to practise preparing fossils! We used different tools such as glue spreaders, lollipop sticks and paint brushes to chip the biscuit away from the chocolate chips.