School Blog

Spring Term 1 2014

Our creative curriculum topic this half term is Pirates.

Our adventure began when a 'lost keys' poster appeared in our classroom.

We then explored around the school grounds in search of the keys and found them near the Foundation Stage Unit. We wrote letters to Nora to find out what they were for and what we should do with them.

She has written back to us and was kind enough to send us a Pirate book as thanks for locating the keys. We used the book and Nora's letters to help us in our Literacy and topic work.

Spring Term 2 2014

Our creative curriculum topic this half term is... Nocturnal Animals. Over the half term holiday Miss Trasler noticed that some strange things kept happening in her garden. We examined photos she took each morning. Year Two decided that there must have been an animal in the garden during the night. They researched at home and found out that animals that are active at night are called nocturnal animals. We decided this would be our topic for the half term.

Summer Term 1

Our creative curriculum topic this half term is Around The World. We will be exploring different countries around the world with the help of our friend Barnaby Bear. He is going to email us photos from the different countries he visits. Ted’s Adventure Our topic started with Miss Trasler’s ski holiday photos. She took her friend Ted on holiday with her to Saint Gervais in the French Alps. We have looked at photos of the trip, researched about the area and thought about what Ted needed to pack in his suitcase.

Summer Term 2

This half term Year Two's creative topic is superheroes! We have received some missions from S.H.I.E.L.D (Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate) They have asked us to be creative and design some brand new superheroes. We have painted our new superheroes, written descriptions of them and even written instructions for how to make them. We are waiting for another mission to find out what to do next!