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Year 5 Explore Europe!

Year 5 are enjoying their new topic - EXPLORING EUROPE!  For their homework task they spoke to members of their family about countries they have visited within Europe.  The result?  Some fantastic presentations together with photographs and items of interest from lots of different countries.  During the presentations the children used excellent speaking and listening skills and we have all learnt new facts about Europe.  For instance, Jessica told us all about the story of Nando's cockerel from Portugal.

Suspense and Spooks

The Year 6 children are having an exciting time writing spooky stories based on the The Highwayman - a narrative poem by Alfred Noyes. At first, the children developed their use of language through creating spooky imagery in poetry. They have built on this to write a range of story openers to grab the their reader's attention and have chosen the best ones to write their own narratives based on the Highwayman. The children have also written about our own in-class ghost, "The Phantom Pen Theif". Have you seen this mysterious spectre?

Oliver's Vegetables

This week we are learning about Healthy and Unhealthy food. We are focusing on the story of Oliver's Vegetables. The children have been learning about days of the week and we have been ordering the story. Well done year 1

Water Investigation - Part 2

We concluded our water investigation today. We took the trays out of the freezer and discovered the water had frozen. We felt the ice and described what it felt like and discussed how it had changed. We watched to see what happened to the ice when we left it out in the classroom and put it in the water. It melted! We had a wonderful time being super scientists!


Our topic for this half term is Pirates! It's going to be very exciting as we try to uncover a pirate mystery and maybe even become pirates ourselves!

Ice Investigation

Today we have been predicting and investigating what happens to water when it gets cold. We have put trays in the freezer to find out...

World War 2

We are enjoying learning about WW2. There has been a huge response from children about their creative homework on WW2, children have brought in wonderful photos, pictures and information. An Anderson shelter/air raid shelter has been built in our classroom and we have even read by torch light!!

Making pizzas

This week we have been learning all about food from around the world. We made yummy pizzas which we then ate. They were delicious. All the children had a great time choosing thier toppings and talking about Italian food.